Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Interesting short read on:
 Continuous Integration  Patterns and Anti-Patterns  Build Management  Build Practices  Build Configuration  Testing and Code Quality


General Performance - Team / Organization

I attended a meetup this week and watched Craig Brown who is speaking at the Agile Australia this weekend, His topic was very intriguing

Ten years after adopting Agile 

Here is a picture I managed to steal that speaks volumes on where an org is at in terms of performance:


Really cool - Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap

When you read every box in this diagram you can relate to the bigger picture and the transformation most companies are going through right now:

  • Changing CX through the UI/UX
  • The Customer Journey
  • OmniChannel
  • Digital Diversity
    • Diversity of touchpoints 
  • Mobile Adoption
  • Digital Marketing
  • Individualization
  • Shadow IT
  • Self Service through democratization
  • Bi-modal IT
Enterprise wide horizontal self organization
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Modernization
  • Mainframes
  • APIs
  • Hypermedia & REST
    • NextGen SOA
  • Cloud Computing
  • Containers
  • Microservices
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Automated Governance
  • DevOps
  • Self-Organization
  • CI/CD
  • Digital Business Performance Management
  • Software defined everything(automated configuration)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Complex systems - scaled agile
  • Center of Digital Enablement
  • SecDevOps
  • Web Scale
  • Data Lakes
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Real time/Streaming Data
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Cognitive Computing

Who visited my Confluence page?

Problem: I created this confluence page that acts as a single source of truth for the community.
I wan't sure who was reading or looking at this page.
Also helps me when I roll out comms  to make sure the right number of people and the appropriate people has seen it.

You could enable the Confluence Usage Stats plugin and you would be able to see anonymous viewing stats for all pages:


You could install the viewtracker plugin: