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DB query - total number of BPT components used in each test case

Slect ts_name, count(*)

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Table1 A
Table2 B
Table C
group by ts_name

Happy Testing!

Skillset - Test Automation Developer

Note: the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role

Here is another interesting requirement that looks for an automation engineer well versed with coding. The emphasis in the recent past has been that every automation engineer should be able to code. Maybe not very complex apps but atleast the basic flows and a little more.

Minimum Required Skills:
Test Automation, Development, Test Scripts, QA, API Development, JavaScript, Linux, Mobile App testing, HTML, CSS

If you are a Test Automation Developer with experience, please read on!
What you need for this position:

- Experience as a Web Developer using JavaScript, CSS and HTML

- Must be very strong with JavaScript

- Linux scripting

- Strong understanding of Web technologies

- Use of API's

- Open source programming is a plus

What you'll be doing:
- Building testing scripts using JavaScript Sahi test tool

- Scripts will be testing Web and mobile applications

- Running scripts …

Best way to learn selenium - Start with Java

If you are planning to learn selenium , as most if them I know are venturing into Selenium Webdriver. The best way to learn selenium is to start with Java.

There are no two ways about not knowing how to code and planning to learn Selenium. Selenium is a very small piece and once you know any of the programming languages well, you will find that its just like any other automation tool!

OOPS Concepts EncapsulationAbstractionInheritancePolymorphism.Introduction to Class, instance variable, instance methodsclass variable, class methodConstructor, Abstract Class, Interface, method overloading, method overridingPackage  (This helps us create a class/Interface/Initialize instance variables/Create methods for test scripts/bundle your test classes into packages )Ctrl Statments. Loops. Arrays. Exception Handling. Files and streams. Java Generics. Collection Framework. ArrayList and HashMapMulti Threading. JDBC. Happy Learning!

Testers need to adapt with CHANGE!

These are a list of few trends that have changed the way a tester is perceived:
If you are a tester and you are reading this article "you better adapt or become extinct!"

Tester needs to Code Change: Last year saw a change and this was that every tester was required to atleast know a little bit of code.
Reason: Test Automation andAgile practices like TDD
Experts Talk: "If testers without programming skills are going to survive, they will need to articulate their value to a new, skeptical generation of managers" said Matthew Heusser

Tester plays the role of a Business AnalystChange: Testers need to know the business from a user's perspective Reason: Versatile role and Agile practices Experts Talk: The tester's role is about helping business people figure out the right things to deliver, said Lisa Crispin. "The truth is that business stakeholders may be wrong about what features [an application needs]." Testers must take a leadership role in figuring…

Best Companies to work for in Test Automation - India

After posting about countries where testing as a career was good, a fellow tester wanted to know if I had a similar list for Best test automation companies to work for / Best software testing companies (In India)
So after some research here is the outcome in no particular order:

Thoughtworks GoogleMicrosoftFacebookCignitiAccentureNess TechnologiesYahooCognizantCiscoADPeBayMakemyTripMindTree LtdHexawareCapgeminiRoland and AssosciatesCollaberaThomson & ReutersSearsNIITAgilent Other companies : 
Indium SoftwareQlogicPure TestingPersistent Systems Let me know If I missed someone out!

How lean is your testing -

An excellent visual depiction of How lean is your testing?

Have a look at the link below to know different styles :
CowboyLeanAgileV- ModelTotally Enterprise What is?
Acceptance Test Driven Development(ATDD)Minimal Viable Product(MVP)Lean Development Principles