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Steps to use the QTP .NET Extensibility sdk

QuickTest .NET Add-in Extensibility is an SDK package that enables you to support testing applications
that use third-party and custom .NET Windows Forms controls that are not supported out-of-the-box by the .NET Add-in.
We need to create a Custom Server (DLLs or control definition XML file) to handle each custom control.

We shall look at the steps to develop a custom server dll using the .net extensibility kit:
Use the QTP Setup program to install the QuickTest Professional .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK on your computer.Create a new project in VS2008 or above and select the Visual C# > Windows node in the Project types treeVisual C# >

 3.  In the Application Settings page, specify the following settings: Server class name e.g. TrackBarSrvSelect the Customize Record process check box.Select the Customize Run process check box.Accept the rest of the default settings.4.  Click Next. The XML Configuration Settings page opens
In the XML Configuration Settings page, specify the follow…