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Skillset - Test Automation Developer

Note: the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role

Got my hands on another very interesting profile:

The company is seeking an inquisitive, tenacious, and thorough engineer who loves to break things in order to keep us honest about what we’re shipping.

An outstanding Test Automation Engineer believes testing is a collaborative process rather than a confrontation. You get involved with feature development on day one and follow it through release.

You have the team’s trust and the power to say “We can’t ship that.”

Your primary responsibility in this role is simple: ensure we’re shipping the highest quality product we can. To do this you’ll write functional and integration tests and work closely with application engineers to understand what’s going on in the codebase.

In this position you will work with both Selenium and our internal testing framework. We test for performance regressions with jMeter. Your test suites will run under…

BPT - Check if a component has failed

As we all know in BPT a test case comprises of many components put together.

Now the best practice would be when a component fails we stop the entire BPT test rather than continue testing, so here is a simple code that will do just that:

Function ComponentFailHandler
     If Reporter.RunStatus = micFail Then ExitTest
End Function  

Can it get easier than this? :P

Copy from excel to word and saveas PDF

Problem : An HR in a startup who had this excel to generate salaries and then convert them into pdf manually. As people increased this became a tedious task.

Solution:  Automation :)

Here is the code that helped me achieve that:

1. Created a button in excel that copies data from the main sheet to the desired format in another sheet.
2. Pick the template to generate pdf
3. Copy the template and open the new word document
4. Copy generated text from excel into the new word document
5. Save as pdf, All set!!

Copy Excel details from one sheet to other -> Copy the text from generated sheet into word template ->
Save the copied word document as PDF

Sub Button1_Click()

Dim LSearchRow As Long
Dim LCopyToRow As Long
Dim wksInput As Worksheet
Dim wksOutput As Worksheet
On Error GoTo Err_Execute

'The wksInput variable will hold a reference to the worksheet
'that needs to be searched
Set wksInput = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("SalarySheet")
Set gnrt = ThisWorkbook.Worksheet…

GWT and QTP - automation!

You will need “Add-in Extensibility and Web 2.0 Toolkits” installed along with QTPThis will bring in a specific add-in for GWT under web

If you are still using QTP 10 then there is a patch that you will need to install for GWT The patches are:Web 2.0 Feature Pack with PreReqs: ... t/KM771788Web 2.0 Feature Pack without PreReqs: ... t/KM771785 Please reconfirm the patches from HP site.By default GWT doesn’t generate the useful web object properties, like “html id” or “name” for object recognition mechanism of GUI test toolsIt is highly recommended to work with development team to get a unique static values assigned to every web objectThe objects usually are not unique and are dynamic , Since GWT automation does not support XPaths use HTML DOM.DOM.setAttribute(element,"ID") most commonly used method to avoid using XPaths while recording.IE Developer toolbar instead of the more orthodox QTP Object Sp…

From a QTP to Selenium User - Get Transformed!

There are many tester's who are well versed with QTP but not selenium , here is a quick start - a reference cheat-sheet for Selenium and QTP. The image below has all the basic operations that you would perform on a web browser. The left side are Selenium and the right side are the corresponding QTP commands.
So get ready to get transformed : From QTP to Selenium 

Configure Selenium 2 / Webdriver and TestNG for Eclipse

This is the most common thing that newbie's to selenium struggle with, so here are easy steps  to do the same:

Download Selenium WebDriver jar file from
Download Eclipse (any version should do)

Open Eclipse and create a new Java project
Right Click on Left hand side in Eclipse under Package ExplorerSelect NEW JAVA PROJECTEnter the name of Project and Click on Finish buttonCreate a New Package
Right Click on the New Java Project created → New→ PackageType In a New Package Name and Click on Finish button Creating a New Java Class file.
Right Click on the Newly created Package → New → ClassMark the check box for “public static void main (String args[])”Type In a Class Name and Click on Finish button Add the Selenium Library files to our project

Open Eclipse and Configure Build Path. Right Click on the package → Build Path → Configure Build Path Click on Libraries tab → Add External Jar’sAdd all the jars from the Selenium folder downloaded earlierExpand the Re…

Six tools for Selenium Object Identification

Six tools that help you with Selenium Object Identification:

1. Firefox – Selenium IDE

2. Firefox – Firebug

3. Firefox – Firepath

4. Google Chrome Developer Tools

5. IE Developer tool bar

6. fire-ie-selenium

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