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Reducing false Positives - SauceLabs

An interesting deck on what are the best practices to reduce false positives in automation!

Decreasing false positives in automated testing from Sauce Labs

Simplest script to open chrome and launch your favorite websites VBScript

Make Chrome as your default browser Creat e a new vbs file with the following code

iURL = ""

set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")"")"")"")

and so on... :)

Appium Version 1.3.7 released!

Appium version 1.3.7 is available on Sauce. This small release includes two hot-fixes: General fixed a failure to remap session id in proxied responsesiOS
fixed intermittent failure to find Xcode

Repost : Top 16 influencers & thought leaders in Test Automation

I read through this list and was so happy I knew most of them , even if quite a few of them did not know me :) There are definitely names that are missing but it's a good list for sure!

My favorite being "Jason Huggins" and yours?

Richard BradshawDavid BurnsDominik DaryJim EvansDave HaeffnerJason HugginsJonathan LippsDiego Lo GiudiceThomas E. MurphyAlan PageJulie RalphAlan RichardsonSimon StewartNoah SussmanAndreas TolfsenNathan WilsonFull post here:

Repost: Angular + Protractor + Sauce Connect, Launched From Gulp, All Behind A Corporate Firewall!

You didn't think it could be done, did you? Well, let me prove you wrong!  First, some terms: AngularJS: An MVC framework for JavaScript, allowing you to write web apps without relying on JQuery.Protractor: A test harness for Angular apps.Sauce Labs: A company providing cloud services to help you run E2E testing on your web app in any environment combination.Node.js: Package manager for JavaScript.  You’ll need this for installing all the dependencies to get this tool set working.Gulp: A build manager and mundane-task automator.  Competitor with the older, well-entrenched Grunt, but gaining popularity by the hour.  Uses JavaScript syntax, but could theoretically be used as a Makefile or shell script replacement. Here is how:

Continuous Integration Toolset


Visualise Continuous Integration / Delivery in pictures


Gatling v/s Jmeter - Performance testing for free!

Why Gatling over Jmeter? Gatling’s clean DSL API (written in Scala) as opposed to the Jmeter’s XMLHigh performance - Gatling uses asynchronous concurrency (Scala, Akka, Netty) and asynchronous IO.Gatling is more modern and viable alternative, it appeared on ThoughtWorks technology radar in 2014.[Gatling jenkins plugin] ( can help to visualize the mean response times:
Load testing tool - core engine is protocol agnosticRecord, Edit DSL, Launch Decompress the Gatling bundle and drop simulation files into user-files/simulations folder. bin/ will compile and run the simulation filesgatling-maven-pluginAnalyze Reports over a period - - written as scripts in conjunction with a DSLSimulation - how new virtual users will be injectedstdUser.inject(atOnceUsers(2000)), admUser.inject(nothingFor(60 seconds), ra…

Web Accessibility Checker Addons

I was looking at web accessibility tools and a Google search gave me some really interesting blogs posts like:

But the tools that impressed me the most were:

2. Google Analytics Debugging Tools

The best thing is both these tools work as add-ons therefore work as part of the browser (allowing us to access internal websites)
My favorite has been GA debug and here is why:
They have the extension/add-on for both Chrome (official) and Firefox (unofficial)Google developer console will be able to log (record) every hit (pageviews, screenview, event, transactions etc.) that you send to Google Analytics server. You will also be able to see error messa…