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Automation testing in a changing environment (Requirements) ?

With the requirements changing at a rapid pace what are the best possible solutions to how you perceive testing or automation:

Use of Rapid prototypingPrioritize and analyze the risksThere has to be a requirements traceabilty of some kind that will showcase affected areasAutomate the smoke test bed - break it down into small business componentsAutomate smaller Happy paths that do the basic sanity check on functionalitiesUse automated TDD or BDD as early as possibleUse a set of tools that help you automate or do smaller tasks faster and more accurateStatic object identification till a certain path and from there on we try finding other objects, this makes the code reusable and a lot more easy to change A very nice quote which says - "Any tool you use to help you test is "automation" and the more complex scripting environments are simply extensions of that capability"

Another newbie to automation - SIKULI

Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen using image recognitionIt is useful when there is no easy access to a GUI's internal or source codeSikuli is an open-source research project originally started at the User Interface Design Group at MITSikuli Script is a visual scripting API using Jython to create automation scripts.Sikuli includes an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing visual Sikuli scripts with screenshots.Sikuli Script uses Python as the scripting language. If you want to write complex scripts or modularize packages, you need basic knowledge of Python and its features Sample script:


Is there one tool to test everything?


Skillset - Technical Test Analyst x 3 - TDD, Agile, Scrum, Test Automation, Frameworks

Technical Test Analyst x 3 - was a very interesting job posting that a banking firm wanted in UK. Here the three represented three analysts they were looking for but I assumed that three was the "three big skills" they were looking for: TDD, Agile/Scrum and Test Automation Frameworks

Note the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role
Technical Test Analysts are required for an Investment Banking / Trading software giant in London.This is a fantastic and exciting time to join such a business that offers Technical Test Analysts the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects from bespoke trading system solutions through to trade capture tools, pricing & risk engines to retail banking platforms. All projects are extremely complex and require the most dynamic, forward thinking and technically astute testers to fulfil the positions.The Technical Test Analysts must have API, Web, Server-side, TDD, BDD, UI, Automation, F…

QTP Test Automation Framework Architecture

Here is a mindmap that I had created some time back on a hybrid test automation framework, this gives a nice idea of the functionalities a framework might want to incorporate.

Launch Report Button Missing in QC Test Lab

There are a lot of instances when we want to launch the summary report from the Test Instance Properties window in test lab, but the Launch report button is not present. This happens after new patches get installed.

Resolution : Install the correct version of Reinstall Visual C++ 2005 (version 8.0.56336) or SP1Reinstall .NetFramework 3.5 SP1Reinstall all Add-Ins currently installed on the Client machine
With windows 7 and QC\QTP 11.

1) uninstall qtp addin

2) Install the vsc++

download and run vcredit_x64.exe

3) install qtp addin

QTP 11 and QTP 12 what's new ?

Please note the below support deadlines for QTP11 and Quality center11.

You can find more details on below link,

HP Software Released Notification Support ends

QTP 12
Below is the list of new features will be released with QTP12.

a) New improved IDE with IntelliSense technology for classes.

b) Multiple Document Interface (MDI) features for opening multiple tests within QTP.

c) Integration of BPT as well as Service Test into QTP (giving rise to the name, UFT).

d) Insight — an innovative, new image-recognition feature for carrying out image-based automation.

e) New canvas for designing test flow.

The main highlight is that use of ‘Intellisense’ will reduce the reference of external documentation while development which will speed up test development. An ‘Intellisense’ combination with QTP will help to select the parameters and functions from the list or from the dropdown of that specific code.

Funny QA Jargons

Smug Report
A bug submitted by a user who thinks he knows a lot more about the system's design than he really does. Filled with irrelevant technical details and one or more suggestions (always wrong) about what he thinks is causing the problem and how we should fix it.

Also related to Drug Report (a report so utterly incomprehensible that whoever submitted it must have been smoking crack.), Chug Report (where the submitter is thought to have had one too many), and Shrug Report (a bug report with no error message or repro steps and only a vague description of the problem. Usually contains the phrase "doesn't work.")

A Duck
A feature added for no other reason than to draw management attention and be removed, thus avoiding unnecessary changes in other aspects of the product.

I don't know if I actually invented this term or not, but I am certainly not the originator of the story that spawned it.
This started as a piece of Interplay corporate lore. It was well know…

TOSCA - Newbie for me

Was exploring the web when I stumbled upon TOSCA and found that this is an interesting new tool thats picking up in the automation world slowly:
TOSCA Testsuite is a software tool for the automated execution of functional and regression software testing
TOSCA includes integrated test management, a graphical user interface (GUI), a command line interface (CLI) and an application programming interface (API)They claim - TOSCA model-based approach marks a paradigm shift in software test automation
TOSCA Capabilities:

Agile Testing
Big Data Testing for Data Warehouses and BI
ALM Integration with Popular Systems such as HP, IBM, JIRA defect tracking and many others
Non-GUI Testing
Regression Testing
Mobile/Smart Device Testing
Model-Based Testing
SAP Testing
Standard & Custom Reporting
Test Data
X-Browser Testing

You might want to look at thier website for a demo or trial version:

Important reusable functions QTP

Its been a long time that I had been collecting reusable code for QTP.
Though the doc is not exhaustive it has loads of important and reusable functions that will help anyone using QTP

Follow the link and download!

Reusable functions

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Happy testing...

Testing Best quotes ever !

I am sure most of us would have heard and used testing quotes in our signatures, here are a few that i randomly picked :

"I don't break anything, they're already broken"

Testing, turning Stressed into Impressed since 1971

I came, I saw, I broke it

I'm OK, you're OK. Your code I'm not so sure about

To err is human; to find the errors requires a tester

'Tried, trialled and tested'

Testing, because your software is worth it!

If your software works, thank a tester

Have you hugged your software tester today?

I Failed My Way To Success

The customer is always right. Testing make sure they are always alright

'A Tester Is Someone Who After Finding a bug after 5 minutes brags about how he is responsible for the success of the project'

 we're tough on the code but soft on the coders

Those are the bugs, if you don't like them...I have others.

Improving the world one bug at a time

In God we trust, rest we test!

The best one - "Does your …

Testing Services - A Holistic view

Here are the most commonly seen testing services provided by organizations. This will help a tester gauge his capabilities and awareness:

P.S: Click on the image for a larger view.

Ten Best Tools for Test Automation revisited

Here are the ten best automation tools wrt functional automation and their usage in the market:

Apart from these ten you can also look at an exhaustive list from an earlier post here

1 HP QuickTest Professional(QTP)


3.Rational robot

4. IBM Rational Functional Tester(RFT)





9.Testing Anywhere

10.Visual Studio Test Professional Microsoft 2010

Feel free to comment on any changes to this list!
I am a big fan of open source so I am sure there are a lot that I am missing here and can be found in my earlier post

Happy Testing!

Skillset - Software Engineer in Test Automation

Here is an pretty good role description for an SDET role with not much experience :

Note the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role.

You're a developer who likes to break things. You strive for quality and are focused on improving issues around performance, stress, security, reliability, and user experience.

The work:

•Work with development and program management teams to design and test new features.

Develop tools & automation.

Enhance the overall test infrastructure.

•Write test plans & test cases.

•Perform ad-hoc, manual, automated testing.

•File bug reports

Experience and skills needed:

•BS in Computer Science or a related field of study.

•2+ years of experience with C++, Java, Perl, XML/HTML, and related technologies.

•Familiar with UNIX.

•Proven ability to learn quickly.

•Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

•Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.

•Ability to work in a fast-pace…

Another reason why testing is so important!

The technical errors that have recently befallen Knight Capital, BATS and Nasdaq causing chaos to the markets are not the result of complexity or fragmented markets, but the result of basic technology 101 issues, SEC chairperson Mary Schapiro said today during the agency’s market technology roundtable.

During the SEC discussion, Dr Nancy Leveson, professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems, MIT, argued that software errors will always happen. The financial industry, like the aviation industry, needs solutions beyond technology – which must include strong regulation.

“ Most industries have government agencies overseeing with an iron hand. The aircraft industry knows people will stop flying if planes start falling out of the sky. You cannot build an unsinkable ship or unfailable software. If you engage in hubris and wishful thinking, you will have to suffer the consequences,” Leveson said.

Still, GETCO CTO Jonathan Ross argued that in order to avoid technical g…

Selenium IDE + Datadriven + Agile

Selenium IDE though is not a good option for full fledged test automation , yet this tool proves good when it comes to automation within agile sprints
This post explains how to use selenium IDE with test data for data driven testing:
Save the first extension : flowcontrol extension for IDEDownload the extension 1.1 version of the includeCommand4IDEDownload the  most recent version of the datadriven.js extensionAdd all the three extensions using Selenium Core extensions field from Options ->Options->General) in the same order.Restart firefox so that the extensions get installed and are ready to be used.Create your test data in xml format
The above sample data has three rows of test data with var1 and var2 as the two variables, make sure you open the xml in a browser to see that there are no errors 
You are ready to use the test data and a simple test case would look like this:

while                 !testdata.EOF()