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Repost - Notes: Selenium 3, the Spec, and Onwards by Simon Stewart

Notes: Selenium 3, the Spec, and Onwards by Simon Stewart Title: Selenium 3, the Spec, and Onwards
Speaker: Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Lead
Host: Applitools
Date: Wed. May 25, 2016 @ 1:00 PM EDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Summing up Simon's Webinar:
Selenium 3 (no release date given) will be a removal of all old Selenium RC code into a legacy library called "leg-RC".Selenium 4 will move closer to the new W3C WebDriver Protocol they have been pushing for.Selenium 5 will be the full W3C WebDriver.
Before that information was given at the end of the talk, Simon took a long walk down Memory Lane...

How Selenium Started
Jason Huggins ( @hugs ) at the consulting company, ThoughtWorks, was in Tech Support working on a new web application to track time and expenses. Jason would fix one bug only to have it appear in another browser. He saw Ward Cunningham FIT (Framework for Integrated Test). Jason took this idea and realized that all browsers handled HTML differently, but all browsers use…

Install Node.JS and npm behind a firewall / company proxy - Galen Framework

Problem: Unable to install npm behind the proxy

Solution:Similar to what we did when we installed git behind a company's firewall we shall edit the config settings for Node

The best way to install npm is to install node using the node.js installernpm is installed as part of node.The problem occurs when you clone the Node repository from Githubnpm uses a configuration file and it can be added to via the command line npm config set ...To get packages behind a proxynpm config set strict-ssl falsenpm config set registry ""npm config set proxy http://"username:password"@proxy:8080npm config set https-proxy http://proxy-server-address:8080 Update: Try changing to npm config set registry ""


You can skip the username password and just hardcode the proxy and registry URL so that npm wouldn’t have to look for…

Selenium 3.0 will be out soon!

For anyone who is interested:
In 2016, the Selenium Project is working hard to (finally!) ship 3.0.

Join Simon Stewart on May 25, and discover:
What will this release containWhat impact will it have on your test runsHow can you preserve your existing investment in tests using the Selenium WebDriver APIs, and your even older RC testsLooking forward, when will the W3C spec be completeAnd what can we expect from Selenium 4
Speaker: Simon Stewart At ThoughtWorks, Simon invented WebDriver. At Google, he became the lead of the Selenium project and built the infrastructure required to run millions of browser-based tests every day. At Facebook, Simon advocated for a monorepo, setup the mobile end-to-end testing frameworks, and lead the Buck build tool team, all of which helped slash the time from code to release.

Maven run tests from commandline - CheatSheet

PurposeCommandRun all tests mvn test Run using testng verifymvn verifyRun the allure reports mvn siteRun a single maven test within a class mvn -Dtest=TestObjects#ostiariusAddUserWithCancel testwhere "TestObjects" is the test class name and "ostiariusAddUserWithCancel" is the test method.Run all tests within a groupmvn test -Dgroups=slow testRun all tests within a classmvn testmvn clean test -Dtest=xxxxTestOnly runs all the test classes ending in PerformanceTest.mvn -Dtest=*PerformanceTest clean test To run test suite xml filemvn test -DsuiteXmlFile=src/test/resources/testsuite/test.xml
Further Reading:

Endless loading screen when open Allure report using Chrome / Internet explorer browser

Problem:  Endless loading screen when open Allure report using Chrome / Internet explorer browser This means that report data failed to load. Possible solutions: When opening the report from the local file, either open it in Firefox or launch Chrome with the--allow-file-access-from-files flag. For other browsers, you need to enable cross-origin requests to local files.WindowsExit any running-instance of chrome.Find the shortcut you normally use to launch chrome.Create a copy of itRight click on the new shortcut, and select PropertiesAt the very end of the Target: text box, add a space and then the desired command line flags (--allow-file-access-from-files) Upload the report to the web server and open it from thereIf you get a 404 error from the remote server, check logs in order to verify that the report was built successfully.If your test framework is JUnit, check that you're using version 4. Allure is incompatible with version 3 of JUnit and that's why no data is gathered from…

Open Source Test Reporting Frameworks

Inspired from the previous post on Test Automation Frameworks, Reporting frameworks play an important part in these frameworks. So here are some of the best open source reporting frameworks out there:

Extent ReportsSerenity (Formally Thucydides)RedwoodHQAllure There are other frameworks like TestNG/ReportNG but we are looking at more robust reporting frameworks with graphical outputs that fit into the CI/CD world. Happy Reporting!

Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

Every-time I read Joe Colantonio's posts I learn something new and this time it was a newbie called Gauge.
If you don't know what it is here are the 6 opensource frameworks Joe talks about:

Serenity (Formally Thucydides)Robot FrameworkRedwoodHQSahiGalen FrameworkGaugeUpdate:  Two more to the list:
An old one Open2TestNew: Extensive Testing Further Reading:

Serenity Maven Cucumber - Only run specific scenarios

Problem: While using the serenity cucumber framework with maven run only specific scenarios or feature files

Solution: To run only individual feature, run a specific tag say @wip

Work In Progress tag @wip

mvn verify -Dcucumber.options="--tags @wip"

mvn verify -Dcucumber.options="--tags @wip @debug2"

More -DCucumber.options here:

You can also do this by creating test runner class for each .feature file:@RunWith(CucumberWithSerenity.class) @CucumberOptions(features = "src/test/resources/features/search/search_by_keyword.feature") public class SearchByKeyword { } Triggering this as any other test class, would execute only the SearchByKeyword.feature.

History of programming languages 1950 - 2016