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Software Testing! good one - Jagan

Software Testing - A good read….not intended against any group as such, but still entertaining ... read on ...
A university scholar, Mr. John Smith approaches his friend a software-testing guru telling him that he has a Bachelor in programming, and now would like to learn the software testing to complete his knowledge and to find a job as a software tester. After summing him up for a few minutes, the software-testing guru told him "I seriously doubt that you are ready to study software testing. It's the serious topic. If you wish however I am willing to examine you in logic, and if you pass the test I will help teach you software testing. "
The young man agrees.
Software testing guru holds up two fingers "Two men come down a chimney. One comes with a clean face and the other comes out with a dirty face. Which one washes his face?
The young man stares at the software-testing guru. "Is that a test in Logic?" software testing guru nods.
"The one with the dirt…

Automation maturity - what should a Test Manager focus on? - AnitaG

Automation is frequently a passionate debate, usually around how much and whether it is effective.  But  are test managers prepared for the effects of automation as it grows?  Instead of focusing on whether or not to automate or by how much, let's focus on what having automation on a test team means for the manager, assuming the team has already decided the correct balance of what needs automated and what doesn't (and in what priority).
The infancy of automation: Initially, a team may say they have automation.  I've learned that when I drill down on this, they don't necessarily have test cases automated, but instead they only wrote tools to help with parts of the testing process, like installation/setup/deployment tools or tools for emulating inputs due to a dependency on an unreliable source.  There is a difference between writing tools and writing automation (although that can become a blurred line when describing a test harness or execution engine).
Establishing the …

Testing News - 25th Nov

Growing Demand for Software Testing in the Banking & Finance, Insurance Industries in Indonesia: Maveric Systems Survey Source: NewsAppLabs, city-based software testing and quality management company, today announced that it has partnered with TurnKey Solutions, provider of testing solutions for ERP, CRM, and custom software application environments. The partnership will strengthen AppLabs' strong ERP Testing (SAP, Oracle , Siebel , and PeopleSoft) Source : NewsThe independent TMMi testing methodology, which is an alternative to Capgemini Sogeti's Test Process Improvement (TPI) methodology, will have its level 5, known as optimisation, completed next week. - Source: News The five levels of TMMi are:InitialManagedDefinedMeasuredOptimisationBrian Osman, Knowledge Engineer at Software Education, has become the first person in Australasia to gain the full suite of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) advanced certifications.- Source: News

XML DOM and Xpath Snippets - Asiq

In this article I am going to explain about the XML DOM methods and Xpath queries.

The Example XML Document Used For This Article

<employees><employee id="'001'"><name gender="'M'">John</name></employee><employee id="'002'"><name gender="'M'">Peter</name></employee><employee id="'003'"><name gender="'M'">Sam</name></employee></employees>

#1: Finding Elements by Attributes
If you want to access the name of the employee two, write attribute filter condition in your xpath query.

gStrOrPath="C:\ Test.xml"'Path of your XML
Set gObjXmlOR = CreateObject( "Microsoft.XMLDOM")
gObjXmlOR.Async = "False"
StrXQuery="/Employees/Employee[@id='002']" ' Attribute filter condition in your Xpath q…

Keyword driven framework architecture in QTP -Bibek

Framework:A hypothetical description of a complex entity or process-Word Web.
Here, word hypothetical makes it clear that it’s based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence.There are no rules and standards on test framework development.It varies from organization to organization and from team to team.Project internal architecture provides a great source of information for organizing the components of our framework.Testing components needs to be well organized to accomplish the task effectively,efficiently and in a systematic order.
We need to develop framework in a way that leads to accomplish the task without much human intervention.The heart of “Keyword driven test automation framework” is common functions that resides within the function library and the keyword acts as  it’s brain.Framework must be enough flexible to run with the desired keyword from the pool of available keywords.
well,It’s been my passion to play with electronic chips since my childhood.I can even surv…

Different ways to schedule tests from Quality Center

I had to research a lot to do this hope this helps others doing something similar.

Scenario:  To schedule tests from Quality Center: Solutions: There can be different ways that we achieve this based on what our motive is while scheduling the tests.
Solution 1: Schedule test sets directly from Quality Center
1.Login to Quality Center 2.Navigate to the Test Lab Module 3.Choose the test set that you want to schedule and click on the Execution Flow Tab 4.Right-click on the test that requires configuration of Time Scheduler and click Test Run Schedule 5.In the Run Schedule window, select the Time Dependency tab. The time and date of execution can be configured from this tab as shown below: 6.Once the above step is complete, you can see the time dependency added to the relevant test cases 7.Once Run All is clicked from the Automatic Runner dialog, the test status will change to Waiting  and QC will fire the tests to be run at the scheduled date and time.
To be used when: Can be used to run tests for …

Off the beaten path - Test Automation that can vary (and learn)... - John Hammink

The problems with most software test automation is essentially twofold: for the most part, it's only capable of following the same path, over and over again, and, it's incapable of ever learning. It's as dumb today as it was yesterday. That said, it's just not as classy as it could be.

What, it can be asked, is such repetitive test automation actually useful for? Well, most importantly, for verifying that something doesn't get broken as new features get added to our software; we opt to run our tests to give us a sense of confidence in what's already there.

Of interesting note, though, is the fact that we nearly always need to pair our automated tests with hands-on exploratory testing. Except that it never really happens like that. The hands-on exploratory testing gradually gives way to the Manual Monkey Test as the testers and managers lose confidence in those unique skills of perception and hunches that make us human and instead seek something quantifiable, …

Skillset - Web Automation Engineer

Here is what a Wireless co wants as a skillset in a Web Automation Engineer:

Job Description:

As an Automation Engineer you will work within the Quality Assurance department and be responsible for developing automated functional test frameworks for Web, database and handheld device applications. 

Responsibilities of Automation Engineer:
Participate in the product life-cycle from design to commercial release, following the Agile development methodology. Develop and implement automation strategies, test plans, standards and processes. Develop frameworks and collaborate with QA and developers in the development of automated testing scripts for our products. Work with technical support, enterprise customers and core development engineers to address product scalability, usability, reliability, functionality, and performance-related issues. Write SQL queries to verify Web page and custom report accuracy.
Requirements of Automation Engineer:
3+ years experience in software development, with wor…

What are companies looking for in Testers?

I always wanted to have a place where i could just add what is the skillset companies are looking for today?
This will help us perform the Capabilities Assessment explained in the earlier post Five-gems-for-tester-to-groom-in

(This is from various job offerings, and i'll try and update similar posts regularly in a more categorical manner)


Hands on experience in preparation ofTestscenarios, Test cases & Test scriptsExcellent oral and written communication skillKnowledge of Software Development Lifecycle and Software Testing LifecycleKnowledge of databases (MSSQLServer andoracle)Have the ability to writeSQLstatementsKnowledge of Selenium or similar open source testing tools an added plusHelps define scope and project timelines for a testing cycle.Assists in reviewing/managing bug reports to ensure reproducibility and quality.Experience creating Automation Test Scripts using tools like QTPProficient i…

Testing News - 10th Nov

Worksoft® and HBO Consulting Partner to Provide Test Automation Solutions in South Africa.
Source: NewsSelenium IDE V 1.08 released three days ago Source: Selenium.orgHP released a new patch for 64bit application testing using QTP 11 Source: HPQAI to Organize the 10th Annual STC, to Focus on Testing 3.0 – From Transaction to Transformation Source: Businesswireindia

Test Execution and Defect Tracking - SQA Campus

This phase begins with the execution of Test Design described in previous phase of STLC. This includes:
1. Execution of test cases manually. 2. Execution of automation script. 3. Update the test case status(pass/fail) after comparing the expected result with actual result. 4. Defect Reporting and Tracking. 5. Re-testing of defects fixes 6. Regression testing of modules. 7. Perform Sanity Testing on current build. During this phase, we comply to the guideline that is set for us. Here 1. Execute the test cases which are meant for test to pass first. 2. Execute the test cases priority wise. 3. Execute the test case group wise which are interrelated. 4. Execute the test cases which are written to break the functionality. Once we go through the test case execution process, there might be the case that some test cases will fail and some will pass. Now, it is of utmost important to track those fail test cases. This situation invokes the need of some defect management tools to t…

Only Testing News

A series of posts would be continoulsy updated with news that affects the testing world and the testers around the globe.

3rd November 2010 
Revolution IT, Australia’s leading application quality management company, has acquired Adelaide based specialist software testing firm Independent Test Services Pty Ltd. Source: NewsU.S. software giant Microsoft Corp. will establish a research and development center in the Skolkovo innovation hub near Moscow.Microsoft is set to establish an information technology testing center that would help IT specialists test their software products in various conditions. Source: NewsAppLabs (, the world's largest software testing and quality management company, today announced its plans to hire over 100 professionals in the UK during the next 6 months. The hiring plan is backed by the surge in demand for the firm's software testing services ( in the region and encouragi…

Test automation goes rogue - Bad Boys of Quality

Test automation tools are much like the hunting gun. You have real uses for it, but you can use it to do nasty things. This blog is about Skype but same kind of issues can be at any other application.
Let’s imagine that I’m evil h4x0r and I’d want to find new ways to extend my bot network. Everyone has become more and more careful with e-mail attachments so spamming is not the option anymore. Let’s take a quick look at Skype. Could we use it to automate our malware distribution? If I tried to register 1 million new user from web page, I’d have to give correct Captcha for each one of them. But if I do registration thru the Skype, the registration screen is shown below. No Captcha. When I registered, I also noticed there isn’t any e-mail confirmation.

If I already have small bot network, I can use those weaknesses to register plenty of Skype users. Easiest way to do that is to use automation. My proof of concept was done with AutoIT which is free test automation library. If the desktop …

Five Gems For A Tester To Groom In Professional Life - QAGuild

A testing career like any other careers in Software Project has a long journey to cover to reach to a level of satisfaction. Tester needs to perform his career objectives consistently during all stages of his career. A consistency in performance will help him sustain his current level, but to acquire a continuous growth plan, he needs to think differently. A continuous improvement plan is required to attain an upward graph in his career growth. An extra edge over his peers can be attained by adopting following qualities that not only help in career growth but also provide a strong belief in his capabilities.

The qualities can be listed as below:

Capabilities Assessment: A Tester needs to assess his current capabilities at regular intervals. A regular monitoring helps him in analyzing the capabilities growth chart trend. If his capabilities increase continuously, the trust on him by his peers will keep increasing. His seniors also will rely more on him for any new challenges that come ac…