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HP ALM Client logger / Log Manager

I am not sure how many of you know about this feature. This one without doubt helps when we have no clue what is wrong with QTP/QC

HP ALM Client logger /log manager

You can either get it from here

Switch it on from here:
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin\ClientLogs.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\bin\ClientLogs.exe

Once you have run the logger , find the logs at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\

Appium - Automate Mobile Apps

Here is an interesting prolouge about Appium:

The most significant change in software testing over the past decade has been the proliferation of automated testing. In the past, website testing was costly and time-consuming, involved large QA teams and numerous test passes. Enter Automation, which reduced test time by allowing developers to automate test cases and run them on demand. This frequent and immediate feedback enabled developers to write better code and freed up QA engineers to test with more freedom.

The arrival of mobile took us back to square one. Years later, the first mobile automation tools were released but had major drawbacks. They required app modification to support testing, often by em-bedding an HTTP server in the app. Most only supported coding in their APIs, which rarely supported multiple languages. They also often required hacks not supported by mobile OS manufacturers.

iOS testing presents a challenge that harkens back to the days when software was released …

Striving for an award in software testing

This was an interesting award I recently found out. When I read about this award , I wondered something that most of us would - wouldn't it be great if more of us aspired to be the person named in the winning category for any contribution to the software testing world.

While we are all not in a position to do that , especially given that this is an award specifically for the Australian testing community. We can always strive to be among the ones who can nominate ourselves for any such software testing award:

If you are in Australia, I would urge you to nominate yourself for the "The Australian Software Testing Awards"

The awards are presented in three categories:

1. Individual Contribution
Awarded to candidates who have demonstrated outstanding contribution to the software testing and assurance discipline, either within their organisation or more broadly to the Australian software testing community.

2. Best Project
Awarded for a project within an organisation which has …

Amazing tools that make your testing smarter faster easier

Texter - Writing test cases or defects , Text substitution app Texter saves you countless keystrokes by replacing abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define

Jing / substituted with snipping tool now in Windows 7 - Capture Screenshots

Bubbl - Mind mapping tool , great for brainstorming / idea / sharing information

FreeMind - again a brain storming tool but has better features for a detailed ideaation

EtherPad /  - is an online document collaboration tool which works in real time.  In other words, EtherPad has allowed multiple people to work on the same document at the same time over the Internet

Rapid Reporter - Session based testing  / Exploratory testing

PerlClip - generate text , text count and more

Log-Watch - creates a log file as it goes, reporting strange events and possibly errors that might not appear through the UI

Color Cop - returns RGB values

Firebug - Xpaths and JavaScript errors!

WebWait - check the speed of your web application

Pingdom - Test your page load sp…

The T-shaped Tester

An amazing read to define the breadth and depth of knowledge as a Tester:

QTP closing after every run from ALM / QC11

Problem: If you are using ALM or have just upgraded from QC10 , you will notice that QTP keeps killing itself after the run has finished. You will have to launch QTP to make any changes to the script!

When QTP is launched from QC /ALM it first creates the "Remote Agent" (that can be the seen in the system tray)

Right Click on the "Remote agent" icon and choose settings.In the "Remote Agent Settings" Dialog box , Select the "Keep Quick Test open after a Test Lab run session ends"Click OK You are all set!!!

Mobile Test Automation - UiAutomator for Android

The uiautomator testing framework lets you test your user interface (UI) efficiently by creating automated functional UI testcases that can be run against your app on one or more devices

Note: If you want to learn or explore, the best thing would be to look at UiAutomator

A very nice article about tips and tricks on working with Android test automation as learned by the Guardian's software testing team: