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QTP and Mainframes = Terminal Emulator ?

I am sure if you have used QTP a lot and are new to Mainframe applications like Hummingbird HostExplorer, Attachmate EXTRA!, NetManage RUMBA etc .

QTP provides a Terminal Emulator (TE) Add-in that allows users to use a Terminal Emulator to access and automate Mainframe Applications.
Configure the TE Add-in with a Terminal Emulator. Not panic as TE is not like the other add-ins The answer to the question QTP and Mainframes = Terminal Emulator ? is Not really . It's not as simple as adding the add-in at startup and start using various predefined objects.

To better understand how to use TE and configure it the below links might help:

BPT Component Parameters Names and their values using OTA

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")

Set objBPTComp=qtApp.BusinessComponent

Set parametersDF=objBPTComp.ParameterDefinitions

For i=1 to parametersDF.count

                If parametersDF.item(i).inOut=0 Then ‘To identify input parameter

                           msgbox parametersDF.Item(i).Name & " = " & parameter(parametersDF.Item(i).Name)

                End If


Happy Testing!

Skillset: Automation Test Analysts

Automation Test Analysts for a Web Development project

What would you normally think that this is an automation requirement for "QTP or Selenium" , here is a different JD (Job Description)

To be considered for these positions you MUST have strong Coded UI, TFS, and VS2010 experience and be able to start this week.

Mandatory Skills & Experience

Test experience within a web development team

5+ years experience testing

Previous experience working in an agile environment

Capable of writing detailed test cases based on story acceptance criteria

Execution of test cases & logging clear & reproducible bugs in MTM

Advocate for bugs throughout the resolution process

Excellent communication skills

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) experience

Ideally degree in computer science/software engineering

Ideally MS Dynamics CRM experience

Automated testing experience with Visual Studio with Coded UI

TFS experience

Experience in both automating desktop and Web applications


Countries where testers are in demand !

Have you ever wondered:

Which are the countries where testing as a career is prevalent?
Where do we have automation / manual testing jobs?
In which part of the world are the most job opportunities?
Here is some information that might help; the information below is only for your reference. Ordered in the number of openings in a country (as of January 2013)
From highest to lowest:
Testers in India - Manual and Automation 60:40 Testers in USA - Manual and Automation 30:70 Testers in Australia - Manual and Automation 20:80 Testers in UK- Manual and Automation 40:60 Testers in Dubai - Manual and Automation 50:50 Testers in China - Manual and Automation 60:40 Testers in Singapore - Manual and Automation 40:60 Testers in Malaysia - Manual and Automation 40:60 Testers in South Africa - Manual and Automation 30:70 Testers in Canada – Mostly Automation 10:90 Testers in Kuwait – Scarcity of both 50:50 Will soon have information on what is the average salary of a tester or QA professionals in t…

QTP - Webelement does not have a SetText

This is a very simple issue where a QTP user is unable to type in text inside a webelement (which might be an edit box)


1. Make sure the parent is not a Frame that is redundant
2. Delete any such frames from the Object Repository
3. Use the .Object method
4. .innertext as the sub method

Here is an example:
Browser().Page().WebElement().Object.innerText = "Test value to be written"

That's how easy it is to write into any webelement object!

Happy Testing!

Skillset : Java Developer Test Automation Engineer

Here is a very interesting job profile that requires a mixture of Java and Automation skills for android apps:

Skills: Java Test Automation ADB DDMS Android  Will be testing standard android applications (i.e. music, email, calendar etc.)

60% Java Development and 40% Test Automation


Excellent Java programming skills

Create automation frameworks and test automation

ADB / DDMS, logcat, eclipse, desired

Android is a plus (otherwise must have strong Java)

Know how Android application works is a plus

Note: the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role

Merge Object Repository the Business Process Testing(BPT) way!

To update a shared object repository from a local object repository of a BPT Component:

Select Resources > Object Repository Manager. The Object Repository Manager opens.

In the Object Repository Manager, select File > Open or click the Open button . The Open Shared Object Repository dialog box opens.

In the sidebar, select the location of the object repository file, for example, File System or Quality Center Resources.

Browse to and select the .tsr file that contains the shared object repository you want to update, clear the Open in read-only mode check box, and click Open. The file opens with the objects and properties displayed in editable format.

Select Tools > Update from Local Repository. The Update from Local Repository dialog box opens.

Make sure you are connected to your Quality Center project. Click the down arrow next to the Add Tests button , and select Browse for Component. The Open QuickTest Component from Quality Center Project dialog box opens.

Browse to…


When I first heard this term or jargon "In the Wild Testing" , I thought it was some kind of exploratory testing that was done by varied experience users. But this is not what it actually is:
What is In the Wild Testing?
As the QA industry matured, it yielded various schools and methods: manual vs. automated; in-house vs. outsourced; guided vs.exploratory; emulators vs. remote access. In each case, these innovations take place inside the confines of a QA lab, either within the company’s firewall, or halfway around the world
In-the-wild testing, on the other hand, emphasizes the need for companies to test under true real-world environments. Why? Because users consume apps under various conditions, including:

•Adverse, unpredictable and widely varied environments

•Outdated or unexpected browsers, plug-ins and anti-virus

•An ever-growing list of hardware and devices
•Imperfect connectivity (both wi-fi and cellular)
To summarize: The only way to launch apps that consistently work …