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NBN using machine learning to proactively tackle network faults

NBN using machine learning to proactively tackle network faults NBN says it will employ machine learning to help it analyse the 38 terabytes of network health and performance data it gathers every day in order to take a proactive approach to mitigating faults across the collection of broadband technologies it is rolling out across Australia.

“Equipped with knives all over, yet none is sharp,” warn people in China. In Estonia, it goes, “Nine trades, the tenth one — hunger.”

People Who Have "Too Many Interests" Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research In order to become an effective online writer, I've deliberately combined academic research, digital journalism, and growth hacking into one skillset. I didn't go to college for any of these skills, but practiced them over time and received coaching on them.

Simple principles for the automation world

Awesome simple principles to follow:
5 Tips To Deal With Untested Code - Hacker Noon As software testers, we deal every day with a lot of untested (or insufficiently tested) code. You might say "that's a tester's role, to find bugs in the code, is not the developer's role" and I wouldn't say you're not right. But, you are partially right, though.