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IntelliJ - Convert the Java project into a Maven project/module

IntelliJ - Convert the Java project into a Maven project/module: Right-click on the module, select "Add framework support...", and check the "Maven" technology.
(This also creates a pom.xml for you to modify.)
Maven repositories you need:
Maven Information If you're using Maven, you will find all Selenium Maven artifacts directly in the central Maven repository here: In order to start using DefaultSelenium or one of the new WebDriver implementations in your Maven project, just add the following dependency to your pom.xml: org.seleniumhq.seleniumselenium-java2.48.2Note: 2.48.2 : The version at the time the post was written


Re-post : Polymer.js: The Future of Web Application Development?

Considering how the testing world is now automating on both angular and polymer here is an excellent post about the future of web development: About a year ago in May 2013, Google launched Polymer.js. So here we are, a year later. And the question is: Is it yet ready for prime time? Is it yet possible to create a production ready application using Polymer web development techniques? To answer this question, I took Polymer out for a test drive to develop a web application and to see how well it would behave. This article is about that experience and what I learned in the process. Polymer.js: The Concept Before we get into our Polymer tutorial, let’s first define Polymer.js, not for what it claims to be, but for what it actually is. When you begin to check out Polymer, you can’t help but immediately be intrigued by its self-professed unique world view. Polymer purports itself as taking a sort of back-to-nature approach that “puts elements back at the center of web development”. With Pol…

JQL - JIRA Query Language examples and more

I have been playing around with jql Queries for those who don't know what these are: JQL is an extension for JIRA that provides support for querying collections of objects. The JIRA Query Language , some interesting queries:  Find all issues without a DueDate, sorted by CreationDate, then by Priority (lowest to highest):
duedate = empty order by created, priority asc
Find all issues where the Reporter or Assignee is anyone except John Smith: assignee != "John Smith" or reporter != "John Smith"
Work logged in last two weeks with assignee x,y,z ordered by priority and updated project = test AND worklogDate >= -2w AND assignee in (Tom, Harry, Sick) ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

An interesting blog on "The most flexible way to search JIRA"
and the atlassian blog explaining it all: