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What is Perl? - The QTP Knowledge blog

Perl is a programming language. Perl stands for Practical Report and Extraction Language. You'll notice people refer to 'perl' and "Perl". "Perl" is the programming language as a whole whereas 'perl' is the name of the core executable. Some of Perl's many strengths are:
Speed of development: You edit a text file, and just run it. You can develop programs very quickly like this. No separate compiler needed. I find Perl runs a program quicker than Java, let alone compare the complete modify-compile-runoh- no-forgot-that-semicolon sequence.
Power: Perl's regular expressions are some of the best available. You can work with objects, sockets...everything a systems administrator could want. And that's just the standard distribution. Add the wealth of modules available on CPAN and you have it all. Don't equate scripting languages with toy languages.
Usuability: All that power and capability can be learnt in easy stages. If you can write a…

Mobile Apps Testing & Mobile Apps Testing Links - Info on Software Testing

The most buzz words now a days are iPhone,HTC,Motorola,Samsung, Android, Blackberry etc.. all the internet and multimedia enabled smart phones.Now its just your mobile which has almost all the necessary features such as a camera, a phone and for text messaging, a visual voice mail, a portable media player, an internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth etc..Almost all these devices have virtual key board or a QWERTY keyboard which just looks like your handling a palmtop and not a mobile

Apart from all the features users are always given the best chance to add Apps to their mobile as per their interest, be it games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking etc..

When i started thinking on mobile applications, many questions came to my mind...

How are the applications developed for mobiles?Can test driven development be done for mobile applications?If so how should the testing be done?From QA what are the steps i need to take care to ensure that the appl…

Inspiring Testers [Walt Hays]

I was reading an interview article and was amazed by the variations in carrer Mr Walt Hays has.

Quoting from the "digitale stories" about him:

" Walt Hays got his bachelor’s degree in international relations from UC Davis, and went on to spend 14 years working in the software industry. He did software testing and tech support, moved into engineering management and eventually rose to become a vice president of products with close to 40 people working under his supervision. The company, Dantz Development, then was doing $10 million a year in sales with over 120 employees. The work was “complex, stressful and fascinating.” In 2002 he left the company, moved to Sebastopol and got his teaching credential at Sonoma State University. For the past six years he has been teaching mathematics at Analy High School in Sebastopol. "

To read about the interview:

Source: A High Tech Exec., Then a Teacher: Walt Hays - Digitale Stories

Code Debugging while exploratory testing - Journey begins...

Yesterday, I was reading a book “How we test software at Microsoft” by Alan page and his colleagues. I liked his approach of debugging the code before designing test cases or doing exploratory testing. I am quoting his words below:

“Frequently, when I am testing a component or feature for the first time and I have source code available, I use the debugger to test. Before I even write test cases, I write a few basic tests. These might be automated tests, or they might be just a few ideas that I have scribbled onto a pad. I set a breakpoint somewhere in the component initialization, and then use the debugger to understand how every code path is reached and executed. I note where boundary conditions need testing and where external data is used. I typically spend hours (and sometimes days) poking and prodding (and learning and executing) until I feel I have a good understanding of the component. At that point, I usually have a good idea of how to create an efficient and effective suite of…

QTP Folder Structure for a testcase - Automation Testing with QuickTestPro

All the folders and files you should know if you are working on QTP:

P.S:  Click on the image and download for quick reference

Source:  Automation Testing with QuickTestPro - Baba

Sample Testing Resumes


An introduction to soapUI for testing web services - XeBee

Soap UI  is a free, open-source desktop application specifically designed to inspect, develope, invoke and test WSDL or REST based web services.In this blog I have tried to introduce the tool and list some of its most useful features.In my successive blogs I will dig deeper and try to explain how it can be used to test functionality and performance of web services by anyone who is just starting with web services testing.

I have been using soapUI for a while now and it not only provides the capability to test services for its functionality but is also quite capable of load testing them under different scenarios.Add to it the limited but powerful capability to do compliance testing and we almost have a one stop solution for our testing needs as far as web services are concerned.

Its intuitive and interactive GUI stacked with useful features makes web service functional and performance testing a breeze.Since its free and open-source its power mainly lies in scripting using groovy and the…

How to do real database testing (10 tips to perform serious database tests) - Software Testing Space

Many (but not all) applications under test use one or more databases. The purposes of using a database include long-term storage of data in an accessible and organized form. Many people have only a vague idea about database testing. If you are serious about learning database testing, then read on...

Firstly, we need to understand what is database testing? As you would know, a database has two main parts - the data structures (the schema) that store the data AND the data itself. Let us discuss them one by one.

The data is stored in the database in tables. However, tables may not be the only objects in the database. A database may have other objects like views, stored procedures and functions. These other objects help the users access the data in required forms. The data itself is stored in the tables. Database testing involves finding out the answers to the following questions:

Questions related to database structure

1. Is the data organized well logically?

2. Does the database perform …

Regular Expression Cheat Sheets

Most of us use regular expressions to make our automated scripts more robust. It is difficult to remember different patterns in a RegEx therefore here are a couple of cheat sheets that will surely help:

P.S: Right click on these images and open the link in new window to save a personal copy and print.

Test Variations - ABAKAS

Once you have a base of test automation, it becomes easy to do variations on a test. What if I ran test X with changed configuration Y? What if I ran it with different hardware Z?

These are one of the benefits of a good test automation stack; it becomes fairly easy to run lots of variations on the same thing, and that can result in a lot of learning about how system behavior changes as various things flex. For example, I recently took a performance test we run and tweaked the setup to make it run with different memory allocations - and in not too long I had a much better understanding of how system throughput changes as a result of adding or constraining that particular resource.

This isn't the kind of test i need to run frequently. I run it every once in a while to make sure the system behavior in this area hasn't changed, but it's overkill to run it every single night with a lot of our automation.

So here's the dilemma: Do I check in the test with my modified configur…

Testing web application using Selenium RC with eclipse - Vishal Sachan

Selenium was originally developed by Jason Huggins 

I am planing to write a use full article here where I will cover end-to-end testing your web application using Selenium in Eclipse. This is in fact a detailed version of my prev article mentioned.

As said earlier I am not in touch with Selenium i.e I am not using this currently, so I will try my best to use my memory and old days 'R and D' to get it completed with high quality and quantity.

Here I will start with selenium IDE but will not go in detail as asuming that you people are comfirtable with IDE part. If you need any help in IDE then you can refer to other articles in this blog only.

Record and save you java script
1- Open Firefox and enter the URl to browse your application
2- Launch IDE from Tool menu.
3- Record your script
4- Choose the programing language as JAVA and save your script. To chose the language go to Option-> Clipboard format and select Java-Selenium RC

Now you have a java code saved in your disk. I a…

How to Write a Killer Software Testing QA Resume That Will Turn Into an Interview Call - Software Testing Help

Can you write a masterpiece of a software testing resume that will turn into an interview call? If not, read on. I’m sure after reading this article you will be able to write a killer flawless software testing and quality assurance resume that will definitely turn into an interview call.

Your resume is the very first step in any job application process. It’s an opportunity to advertise yourself and demonstrate that you are the best person for the available position. Getting an interview call depends on how you present your skills in resume or CV.

How Much Time Do You Get to Impress Employer?

Software testing market is becoming very competitive and getting the job is even more difficult. For a single QA job positions recruiters are getting hundreds of quality assurance tester resumes.

You must stand out from the crowd and writing a good resume is the very first opportunity to do so. Recruiters don’t have time to read all the resumes thoroughly. Your resume will be quickly scanned withi…

Page Object Pattern Web Testing - Parsh

Having spent a number of years developing Web application Test Frameworks, I wanted to document the lessons I had learned:

The main lesson is: Use the Page Object Pattern as it works well:

Two distinct styles of test framework, the test, and the page object. The tests are therefore decoupled from the app implementation. The page object should act as the interface to the app allowing access to all elements. It should model all the HTML pages. Any changes in the application HTML should only require a change to the page object code. The tests use Domain Specific Language and have little knowledge of the underlying implementation Static page checks should be performed once by the app, ideally in the page object Make use of XPATH as it is very powerful and is closely related to the HTML Consider OO tests so that we can lever the power of encapsulation (e.g. code completion for page elements and actions), inheritance (e..g for common page elements such as headers) and polymorphism (e.g. for r…

General Run Error in QTP

A useful list off error descriptions for QTP general run error :

P.S:  Right click on the image and download for quick reference

Web 2.0 Security Testing Approach - Make Money without a job


Web 2.0 can be defined as the evolving trend of www technologies and web design that aim to enhance creativity, communications, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web1. 0. In contrast to the static nature of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 systems rely heavily upon user generated content. In fact, Web 2.0 has been described as the “participatory Web.” For example blogs and photo sharing services enable consumers to add and update their own content. While the focus of Web 2.0 threats emanate primarily from new usage patterns, several technologies are so widespread in Web 2.0 applications, that security threats associated with them are characteristically considered Web 2.0 security threats. Examples of such technologies include AJAX, widgets, and application platforms such as blogs, wikis and social networks.

Web 2.0 Threats:

Web 2.0 is both a set of technologies as well as a new set of consumer behaviors. The combination of these two elements has created a…

How to do Cookies Testing - Software Testing Stuff

Below is a list of major scenarios for cookies testing of a website. Multiple test cases can be generated from
these scenarios by performing various combinations.

Check if the application is writing cookies properly or not.Test to make sure that no personal or sensitive data is stored in the cookie. If it is there in cookies, it should be in encrypted format.If the application under test is a public website, there should not be overuse of cookies. It may result in loss of website traffic if browser is prompting for cookies more often.Close all browsers, delete all previously written cookies and disable the cookies from your browser settings. Navigate or use that part of web site which use cookies. It should display appropriate messages like "For smooth functioning of this site please enable cookies on your browser."Set browser options to prompt whenever cookie is being stored / saved in your system. Navigate or use that part of web site which use cookies. It will prompt and…

Setting up flex testing with selenium - Maria Marcano

Recently I was looking for tools to support automated testing for flex applications. I have a test suite in SeleniumRC and C# I was looking for options to continue using this environment. Here’s what I found:
Flash Selenium, Selenium Flex API These two projects provides capabilities to interact with Flex UI components and web pages through selenium RC.
Selenium Flex API automatically exposes Flex APP UI and FlashSelenium  allowing us to call ActionScript methods to interact with Flex elements. Note that this approach requires us to compile our flex applications with Selenium Flex API library.
To start coding your test:
Rebuild your Flex application with sfapi.swc add the compiler argument:  -include-libraries "..\libs\sfapi.swc" Include FlashSelenium.dll library in the seleniumRC test project.To be able to run test on firefox you need to specify the browserString *firefoxproxy instead of *firefox since firefox doesn't like javascript calling flash when javascript comes fr…

Skills for Automation - Software Testing tips

Last few months I was in interviewing candidates for Silktest and QTP. Many of them are good at tool related technical terms and concepts. But they are not comfortable to write few string handling functions. Main issue is many of the testers are not interested in hard-core programming. I strongly feel that programming skills is required apart from framework implementation. I used to give following tasks to any new comer for automation side.

Assignments for Automation
Write a script to create a file,Read a file,Append a file and Delete it.To invoke browser and navigate through links,URL&button.To get Current Time like "24May2005-10hh-20mm-45ss"Find - Which window is active now in the taskbar.Prepare a script and the results should be stored into Excel sheet and Text file.
Excel sheet should contain one line for each testcase and Text file should contain the information for all events.Automate simple Testcase without using GUI file. You should pass physical description di…

Automation benefit measured by EMTE - Dorothy Graham

Being able to run tests that we would not have had time to run manually is one of the benefits of automated testing; we should be able to measure this benefit in some way.

What is EMTE?

EMTE stands for "Equivalent Manual Test Effort" and is a way of measuring the benefit of running automated tests.
If an automated test (A) would have taken 4 hours to run manually, then its EMTE is 4 hours; another test (B) that would have taken 7.5 hours to run manually has an EMTE of 7.5 hrs.
In a test cycle, if Test A is run five times, and Test B is run twice, then the EMTE for that cycle is 5*4 hrs + 2*7.5 hrs = 20 + 15 = 35 hours EMTE.

What is EMTE used for?

EMTE can be used as a way to measure a benefit of test automation (automated running of functional tests).
When tests are automated, they can be run in much less time than they could be run manually. Our tests A and B may be able to run in 5 and 10 minutes respectively, for example. So we can achieve "4 hours' worth" …

Tour of being an independent test consultant - Tester Tested !

Hiya! Hope you are doing very well. I am Pradeep Soundararajan, your tour guide for the next few minutes. I am glad you chose to take this tour of being an independent test consultant.

Here are some questions you might have: How does it feel to be an independent test consultant? What is it like to be one such in India? Will I be able to survive? Will I make enough money to run my family? Will I make as much money as the organization I am employed is paying me? Will I get enough paid work? What if I don't get paid work for a long time? Will people want my kind of skills? How do I know someone needs a consultant? How do I get clients? How will my family take this? What do I explain to my spouse? What kind of a pressure does society add when I am not in any paid work for a while? How does it feel to work from home not just for a day but for an entire month, or maybe a year or more? Will I have enough money to pay my home loan EMI?

These are some common questions that have popped up …

QTP Frameworks - LearnQTP

I have worked on innumerable frameworks from the basic keyword driven to complex hybrid frameworks. Lots of my friends who had either never worked on a framework or had just begun their carrer in testing/QTP would ask how do I start my own framework. This is one of the best videos you can find that explains basics of both a Keyword Driven and a Data Driven framework. Hope to have some more updates from Ankur soon: Keyword Driven Framework - Learn QTP

Data Driven Framework - Learn QTP

Database Testing Tips

Some cool database testing tips by db testers..
Happy Reading!

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Software Performance Testing Handbook - Learn To Win

Here is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn "Performace Testing"

Download the book here!

Happy Reading!

Source: Learn To Win - Ramya Moorthy

Undocumented Secrets of QTP

This time something I explored on QTP, some of the undocumented features of QTP :
I am sure if you use QTP you will love this collection:

Best of Testing tips from twitter


Rethinking user interface test automation - Gojko Adzic

Geoff Bache presented on “Making GUI testing productive and Agile” today at Agile Testing Days 2010. Bache started by saying that there is an assumption in the community at the moment that GUI testing is hard to pull off correctly, much harder than data-driven testing, and that many teams have given up on that approach. But instead of bypassing the user interface, he advised teams to re-think the entire user interface testing approach and make it productive.
Record/playback implementations are tightly coupled with user interface layouts which makes them brittle and hard to maintain. That is the reason why teams gave up on user interface tests. According to Bache, the problems with data-driven approach (how he called API-level testing with tools such as FitNesse, Concordion or Cucumber) are that it doesn’t give non-programmers confidence in the whole system working and it deals with abstractions, and abstract tests require writers who can think in abstractions.

To get the confidence i…