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Test Management tool for JIRA - Xray

In an attempt to use JIRA as the test management tool with BDD  using add-ons. Here is a comparison that might help:

Exploring JIRA plugin test management tools Xray for JIRA Zephyr for JIRA Behave PRO for JIRA Cheaper Expensive Expensive Supports manual test running
Not in BDD format Supports manual test running
Not in BDD format Does not support manual test running Supports writing test cases in Gherkin with auto text formatting Does not support Gherkin language for test cases Supports writing test cases in Gherkin with auto text formatting JIRA REST API to automatically import/export feature files and import/export automation results ZAPI add-on for RESTful API to JIRA Supports automated cucumber/specflow/behat test cases, exported to feature files Supports automated cucumber test cases, exported to a feature file and results imported back into JIRA Plan and execute test cycles with tracking Does not support requirements and defect linking isn'…

LeanFT = QTP/UFT + Continuous Integration + Agile + Opensource in the HP world

Can you believe that HP has come up with this new tool/plugins that they call LeanFT, obviously the name suggests that it's the lean way of doing functional testing. Let's see what they claim:

Key Highlights and what's good:

Automation in Java or C# - definitely something that most automation folks were looking forward toCompatible with UFT's object Identification engine- hmm :)Continuous Integration - Has integration with Jenkins Supports BDD tools like Cucumber/JbehaveIntegration with SCM tools like Git/SVNIDE would be your standard Eclipse / TFSSame reporting as before but with all of the aboveUnit testing frameworks like JUnit/ NunitIntegration with other HP tools -  HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality Center, and HP Mobile Center. Interesting fun facts: QTP's Object spy from Visual studio/EclipseFree license if you already have the UFT 12.5 licensecustomized html reports Release Date: July 2015 along with UFT 12.5 and BPT 12.5

Source : HP Discover

Testing Reports - Infographics

I was trying to create this report that could dynamically fetch data from different projects and have something like: an exec level report giving the business confidence in the testing that was being completed

Did a little bit of research and found that there was something called the infographics -
Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. That's the site that gives you the 10 free tools for creating infographics, but Piktochart is my favorite!