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Testing Mind map - Chronicles Of Testing


MongoDB and QTP

Problem: Tried connecting QTP with MongoDB [No SQL database]?

You can connect to MongoDB using .net/java languages since there are drivers for it.In QTP (VBScript) you can then call those drivers. You can create a java jar which exposes methods like connect, execute, disconnect etc on MongoDB and call them from vbscript.

Testing badges we used on our QA Day

Here are some badges that we used in one of our QA day , recognizing each person by his niche skill:

Tips.txt on your machine?

Did you know that there was a tips.txt file on your machine where QTP is installed? Navigate to the QTP installation folder Further navigate to the “dat” folder Look for a file with the name “Tips.txt”

Open this file in a text editor and enjoy tips provided by the developers themselves
 Happy Testing!

Open ppt in two windows / extended windows

So here is a strange post. I was creating a deck for one of the upcoming conferences and I work on a dual monitor. Since I had done a similar talk before, I wanted to quickly refer the same.

The Problem: Cannot open two instances of ppt , for comparison / editing.

Why?: Natively PowerPoint is a single instance application (you can only have
one running instance at any time).

Workaround? : If you want to edit both the presentations on two different monitors:
 you wouldneed to:
Open both the presentationsRestore the main power-point windowNow stretch the main window across two monitors From the ribbon /menu go to View | "Window" | Select  "Arrange All" to arrange your open presentations side-by-side.  That is some testing with power-point :)