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Building a robust test automation strategy - Shreejit Nair

Here is an excellent article by one of my good friend Shreejit: I believe most test automation frameworks never succeed or kick off not necessarily due to a lack of technical skills but a poor understanding of the big picture by test automation engineers. I have tried together to put in some points that I believe are important parameters to be considered before deep diving into test automation.  Behavioral expectations as a test automation engineer:  1. DO NOT BE TOOL OBSESSED - This is often a critical mistake test automation engineers make, trying to bend a tool that they have experience with to fulfill a given purpose or situation. We need to realize that every product/every team    and their needs are different.  2. Do not think purely from a test automation perspective with an intention to build a framework by adding or bundling together a few functions. Building a robust test automation framework is far more than that. Most importantly,understand your software ecosystem, how th…