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Automated UI Tester / Genie


Send mail to outlook even when the smtp server/port is blocked

This is probably the simplest thing that an automation engineer can do:

Automate using vb-script sending an email to outlook:
The best way would be to create a CDO.message object like this :

Set MyEmail=CreateObject("CDO.Message") MyEmail.Subject="Subject" MyEmail.From="" MyEmail.To="" MyEmail.TextBody="Testing one two three." MyEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("")=2 'SMTP Server MyEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("")="" 'SMTP Port MyEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("")=25 MyEmail.Configuration.Fields.Update MyEmail.Send set MyEmail=nothing But if you have restrictions in your org do this:

Function FnSendMail(intVal)
                Set MyApp = CreateObject(&quo…