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Advanced Code Search GitHub - search powershell extension

Problem:Search GitHub for powershell code with certain commands

Example: searching the DNS Reverse Zone "- Get-DnsServerResourceRecord "

Solution: Use the advanced search where the extension is ps1

Get-DnsServerResourceRecord extension:ps1

The Advanced Code Search is a whole new way of discovering some of the best code samples

What you can bring into a mix is "Working in this language" option

Read more at cool searching options here:

Happy Searching!

Really cool JavaScript library - GoJS

If you are planning to implement custom interactive diagrams and complex visualizations across modern web browsers and platforms - GoJS is the solution!

GoJS is pure JavaScript, so users get interactivity without requiring round-trips to servers and without plugins. GoJS normally runs completely in the browser, rendering to an HTML5 Canvas element or SVG without any server-side requirements. GoJS does not depend on any JavaScript libraries or frameworks, so it should work with any HTML or JavaScript framework or with no framework at allThe API consists of only a few dozen important classes which encapsulate many useful features that interact with each other.Learn how to play around with GoJS here Amazing library of samples here:
Happy JavaScripting!

A curated list of the best Software Testing Blogs

Here is an amazing list of testing blogs:

Note: This is a work in progress and I will keep adding more blogs as I find them. It is on git-hub so people can share and contribute.

Here is a snapshot from github:

All possible Good Testing blogs Names#ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ