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Digital transformation of front and back office operations. Bots orchestrated by BPM capabilities of smart process automation


Data Science DEPP Engagement Process

Data science team at Dell EMC uses a methodology called DEPP that guides the collaboration with the business stakeholders through the following stages: Descriptive Analytics to clearly understand what happened and how the business is measuring success.Exploratory Analytics to understand the financial, business and operational drivers behind what happened.Predictive Analytics to transition the business stakeholder mindset to focus on predicting what is likely to happen.Prescriptive Analytics to identify actions or recommendations based upon the measures of business success and the Predictive Analytics. The DEPP Methodology is an agile and iterative process that continues to evolve in scope and complexity as the clients mature in their advanced analytics capabilities
Read more at: Lessons in Becoming an Effective Data Scientist I was recently a guest lecturer at the University of California Berkeley Extension in San Francisco. On a lovely Saturday afternoon, the classroom was crowded wit…

Architecturally Aligned Testing

One of the good articles I read in a long time, that makes complete sense in today's agile environment:  Architecturally Aligned Testing Testing microservices should not be done in a separate test phase, by a dedicated test team, but instead collaboratively by cross-functional teams. There is a shift left in testing to ensure that teams stay autonomous and a shift right in testing towards exploration and experimentation.