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Skillset - Automation Test Engineer (with Selenium + Java / PHP)

Continuing the series of posts under the skillset category, here is another very interesting job profile f
or a Test Automation Architect:

Note the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role.

•Robust and rigorous approach to browser-based testing, bordering on a fanatical eye for detail

•Ability to work under your own initiative and provide proactive feedback to the development team and managers

•Expert in automation of website testing scripts (Selenium Webdriver / RC), and writing bespoke test scripts in languages supported by Selenium (Java / PHP etc.) across multi-browser testing environment

•Logical approach using and managing manual tests where appropriate

•Business fluent English with excellent spelling and grammar

•Ability to work as part of a very close-knit development team as the owner of system testing and sign-off

•2+ years commercial experience post technical degree

•Familiarity with good 'User experience' desi…

September 9th was World Tester's Day!

September 9 was World Tester's Day !

I had never heard of tester's day before, here is what a quick search brings up:

On September, 9 1945 the scientists of the Harvard University while testing the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator have found a moth which has got stuck between the contacts of the electromechanical relay.

The work they performed required some description, and the word has been found – «debugging» (literally: disposal of an insect) – and nowadays it is used to describe the process of identifying and eliminating bugs which cause a computer to malfunction. The removed insect was pasted into the computer log with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found”, and was then transferred to the computer museum.

Happy Testing and Belated wishes!