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Skillset - Test Automation Architect

Continuing the series of posts under the skillset category, here is another very interesting job profile for a Test Automation Architect:
Note the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role.
Primary Purpose:
Top level technical expert with extensive business knowledge responsible for supporting a major application or suite of applications within an IT Section

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Following is a summary of the essential functions for this job.  Other duties may be performed, both major and minor, which are not mentioned below.  Specific activities may change from time to time.
1. Work as a technical/business consultant with clients, analysts, programmers, and team members to solve complex business problems; including development of feasibility studies, project plans, cost/benefits, alternative solutions, resource requirements, and project estimates.
2. Develop detailed specifications from which complex systems/sub…

What is UFT - Unified Functional Testing ??

UFT or Unified Functional Testing

HP is now selling a new tool license called UFT which is nothing but QTP 11.0 (for GUI testing) and Service test (for non GUI testing) under one umbrella.

If you try to download the tool from HP's website you would be downloading nothing but QTP 11.0!!
They also have a website which is "" which is under construction :-)

You can download their brochure about the tool from here , which says that they are targeting at multiple layers of an application from one single place.

Layers of Application are
Business Process TestingApplication level / GUI testingHeadless layer / Web services testing / Java/JMS or .NET API Hope this tool is much more than a gimmick by HP to sell a new license..

VAPI Script to kill QTP process

There are instances when you want to kill qtp after "x" number of runs. This VAPI script does exactly that:

' ----------------------------------------------------
' Main Test Function
' Debug - Boolean. Equals to false if running in [Test Mode] : reporting to Quality Center
' CurrentTestSet - [OTA COM Library].TestSet.
' CurrentTSTest - [OTA COM Library].TSTest.
' CurrentRun - [OTA COM Library].Run.
' ----------------------------------------------------
Sub Test_Main(Debug, CurrentTestSet, CurrentTSTest, CurrentRun)
  ' *** VBScript Limitation ! ***
  ' "On Error Resume Next" statement suppresses run-time script errors.
  ' To handle run-time error in a right way, you need to put "If Err.Number <> 0 Then"
  ' after each line of code that can cause such a run-time error.
  On Error Resume Next

  ' clear output window
  Dim rc
  Dim strProcessName:strProcessName = "QTPro.exe"
  rc = ProcessExis…

Utility to create tests in test plan of Quality Center

Problem: Create tests in the test plan by copying a base test in QC to a destination folder in QC with the test names from the file system's existing folders/files.

Solution: Created a macro using OTA to do the same:


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    If LoadQCConnectForm Then
    End If

    Dim FSO As Object
    Dim Folder As Object
    Dim FolderName As String
    Dim SubFolder As Object
    Dim strTestCase As String
    Dim TestCaseName As String

    'Parent Directory - Change this to whichever directory you want to use
    FolderName = GetVariable("Fitnesse Path")

    Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set Folder = FSO.GetFolder(FolderName)

    For Each Folder In Folder.SubFolders
            TestCaseName = GetVariable("QC Fitnesse Path") & "." & Folder.Name
            Call TestPlanCopyPasteTest(GetVariable("QC Source"), GetVariable("QC Dest"), "BaseTest", TestCaseName)

All about Business Process Testing (BPT)

I shall share my experience here that might help folks who are planning to adopt BPT :

HP Business Process Testing in a nut shell is used for designing business components that can be reused in business process tests.

Pre- requisite : A separate add-in which comes along with Quality Centre.
QC 10 - []

Components are easily-maintained, reusable units that perform a specific task. Quick Test provides two types of components: Manual / QTP / Winrunner
QTP - business components and scripted components
Business Components are keyword driven components
Scripted Components are regular code driven components.

Application Area: Collection of testing resources  like function libraries, shared object repositories, keywords, testing preferences and recovery scenarios

Component Input and Output Parameters - Variable values to and from a business component.

1. Creating Application Ar…

Where Good Ideas Come From ...

A must watch for all the testers to get innovative @ work!

QTP Secrets - Undocumented Features

Get Text Location
Unidentified objects Forced to use Object’s relative location using Get text location method. Find = Window(“Login”).GetTextLocation (“OK” ,x1,y1,x2,y2)If find =True Then    Window(“Login”).Click (x1+x2)/2 ,(y1+y2)/2End IfWindow(“Login”).Clickontext “OK”,0,0,0,0,”false”,micRightbtn,”false”Optional Steps
Comment code or delete it?Object does not exist at runtimeWhat if QuickTest bypasses this step and continues to runOptionalStep.Statement Warning MessageMultiple tests
Want to open more than one test /Compare tests Use the QTP Script editor (NOT the QTP IDE)Start > Programs > QTP > Tools > Quick test Script editorStop QTP at x tests
Close Quick Test after runsQTP tests run from QCC:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\binMic.iniEdit change appropriate tags [RemoteAgent]CloseToolAfterRuns=Reuse web objects after browser reloads
Parsing the DOM to find an elementGrab enough properties to make it uniqueBuild a description with those properties and finally get …