Amalgamation of the Best in Test

It's been a long time that i had posted anything on my blog, so i decided to start fresh with something that helps me and the testing community. This blog will be an amalgamation of the best of news, blogs, articles, tools, code snippets, testing magazines, or anything that has got to do anything with testing.
With all due respect to the original authors of the articles I would create here an active feed of the testing world.
The only question that I pondered over was "how do i acknowledge the work and effort of others? "
What i have decided is: if i pick up anything from a blog or website I’ll have a link redirected back to the original post and acknowledge the same via a post of thanks to the blog/website..
Any ideas and views on this are appreciated!


  1. bhoomica4/10/10

    Seems to be a good idea..

  2. Anonymous5/10/10

    That's very thoughtful i shall religiously follow your blog.Hope to see lots on testing.


  3. Kaira7/10/10

    Nice work especially the downloads.

  4. Hi Aditya,
    I have started following your blog recently. I must admit initially I felt this was just copying posts but I was wrong, you do have some posts of your own as well and you have a link to the original post giving credit, that's good.

    The good thing about this blog is you are sharing knowledge that you find, Appreciate that.


  5. Thnx Karl,

    The whole purpose of this blog for me was to share interesting articles on testing that I read and share my best practices.

    Thnx again.
    Best Regards,
    Aditya Kalra


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