Inspiring Testers [Walt Hays]

I was reading an interview article and was amazed by the variations in carrer Mr Walt Hays has.

Quoting from the "digitale stories" about him:

" Walt Hays got his bachelor’s degree in international relations from UC Davis, and went on to spend 14 years working in the software industry. He did software testing and tech support, moved into engineering management and eventually rose to become a vice president of products with close to 40 people working under his supervision. The company, Dantz Development, then was doing $10 million a year in sales with over 120 employees. The work was “complex, stressful and fascinating.” In 2002 he left the company, moved to Sebastopol and got his teaching credential at Sonoma State University. For the past six years he has been teaching mathematics at Analy High School in Sebastopol. "

To read about the interview:

Source: A High Tech Exec., Then a Teacher: Walt Hays - Digitale Stories


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