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The most buzz words now a days are iPhone,HTC,Motorola,Samsung, Android, Blackberry etc.. all the internet and multimedia enabled smart phones.Now its just your mobile which has almost all the necessary features such as a camera, a phone and for text messaging, a visual voice mail, a portable media player, an internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth etc..Almost all these devices have virtual key board or a QWERTY keyboard which just looks like your handling a palmtop and not a mobile

Apart from all the features users are always given the best chance to add Apps to their mobile as per their interest, be it games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking etc..

When i started thinking on mobile applications, many questions came to my mind...

  • How are the applications developed for mobiles?
  • Can test driven development be done for mobile applications?
  • If so how should the testing be done?
  • From QA what are the steps i need to take care to ensure that the application is working fine?
  • Does the same test cases which i write for the application functional testing on portal/website (cross browser supported) holds good for mobile testing as well..?
  • and lot more....
Most of the mobile platforms are mutually incompatible i.e. most of the applications developed on one platform does not support the other platform. So its up to the application owners choice to decide on what all his application should support. For more information on mobile application development click here


As my focus is mostly on testing.. here are my understandings on the same:
Can test driven development be done for mobile applications?
Yes Test driven development is possible for mobile apps as well. 

Do we need to port the application daily into mobile and then test it? nope. There are Emulators/Simulators which can be used for testing. They simulate the actual device environment in our machines as shown above. All the functional aspects can be tested in the emulators. 

The major change that i have observed while testing the application on emulator and the actual device is the view. Now a days most of the mobiles have both landscape and portrait views. In emulators we can only check the portrait view. So at the end when we actually start testing on actual device, you'll find lot many resizing issues. This is again if your application supports both the views. most of the applications now are days are strictly developed for portrait view.

Important Mobile Apps Testing Links

Human Interface Guidelines:

Palm Information:
Installing Palm SDK:
Command line Tools:


Blackberry Dev Zone:
Blackberry Simulator:

For reading more on the same follow the link below:


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