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I have worked on innumerable frameworks from the basic keyword driven to complex hybrid frameworks. Lots of my friends who had either never worked on a framework or had just begun their carrer in testing/QTP would ask how do I start my own framework. This is one of the best videos you can find that explains basics of both a Keyword Driven and a Data Driven framework. Hope to have some more updates from Ankur soon:
Keyword Driven Framework - Learn QTP

Data Driven Framework - Learn QTP


  1. Anonymous8/10/10

    Nice Blog, Will hook onto this one.

    - Saurabh

  2. Hey Thnx saurabh, I'm sure u will be happy to have this on your favorites.

  3. Anonymous8/11/10

    Really have a nice blog....


  4. Thnx Prasad.. Keep visiting fr updates :)


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