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Last few months I was in interviewing candidates for Silktest and QTP. Many of them are good at tool related technical terms and concepts. But they are not comfortable to write few string handling functions. Main issue is many of the testers are not interested in hard-core programming. I strongly feel that programming skills is required apart from framework implementation. I used to give following tasks to any new comer for automation side.

Assignments for Automation
  1. Write a script to create a file,Read a file,Append a file and Delete it.
  2. To invoke browser and navigate through links,URL&button.
  3. To get Current Time like "24May2005-10hh-20mm-45ss"
  4. Find - Which window is active now in the taskbar.
  5. Prepare a script and the results should be stored into Excel sheet and Text file.
    Excel sheet should contain one line for each testcase and Text file should contain the information for all events.
  6. Automate simple Testcase without using GUI file. You should pass physical description directly.
  7. Retriving data from Database,Excel.
  8. Update data in Database,Excel.
  9. Access DLL functions.
  10. Implement function for following string problems
    Find and Replace in a given string.
    Get position of substring for given times.
    Get file name only from file's full path.
  11. Print list of files available in a directory.
  12. Create functions to create the log
    First log should contain all the details of the Script Actions.
    Second log file should contain only pass/fail detail of Testcases/Scenarios.
  13. Using any XML Parser, try to parse the XML contents based on given tag.

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