Plagiarism at its best!

This is a snapshot of what I recently came across and was shocked how people could just copy others work and claim that it is theirs  (The famous QTP Unplugged - By Tarun Lalwani was copied by Mr Kandasamy without even changing the name of the book!)

Mr. Kanakarajan Kandasamy is currently on the employee of Novita Soft Solutions, Bangalore. He have around 3 years experience in manual & automation testing areas such as .net, java, web application, etc..., he obtained his bachelors degree in Information Technology from: Anna University, Chennai. His areas of interest are Multimedia and CRM. He can be reached @

Tarun:  Please welcome Mr Kandasamy in successfully copy pasting some original work from my book and claiming it as his own. Recently the below content was reported to me

Kandasamy:  hi Mr.Tarun...
have u read that book..i will took result data tables and resultes from your book remaing thing are my own..
those thing are nice thats y?...for that i will say sorry to u..and i will remove those thing from my book..
actualy im not able to reach u..tarun pls allow me to present those topics in my book..
thnks & regards,

Kandasamy's reply again:

again im going to publish my book..
all the contents are my own..u just mind it..
this time if this ur create any problem i will not keep quite..
there are lot of difference between ur thoughts and my thoughts..
i dont give details about my book..if u have any doubt mail me..
i saw your SQA forum..u didnt know my book details how come u say that im copy paste special..mind ur words..dont try to spoil my name..wat do u thinking about me..
again im telling suppose if your do any thing wrong i will not keep quite..



Read on it's hilarious :-)


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