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TestComplete 8 provides greater support to verify Microsoft Silverlight 4 application components by using any functional test methodology such as black-box and white-box test mechanisms. In this version of test complete engine can access Silverlight internal objects, methods, properties and fields in order to automate applications.

In order to track Silverlight components by testcomplete engine, first you require to check following “Extend Silverlight Object Tree” checkbox option by navigating to Tools -> Default Project Properties -> Projects -> Open Application -> Silverlight. Subsequent that, the test complete engine will have access to Silverlight objects and their methods, properties and fields and you can employ those elements in your automated tests. (Pls. refer the following screen cap)

Further, you can notice all Silverlight objects and their available methods and properties in the hierarchy of object tree model subsequent to explore browsers such as IE, Firefox.

Now TestComplete introduce a new SlObject method in order to automate applications with Silverlight components. Using this method, users allow obtaining a Silverlight component by its name, which was stated in the application’s source code.

Moreover, TestComplete also offers a SlApplication scripting object that is a wrapper to a Silverlight application’s main class that sum up application defined functionality and inherit methods and properties of the System.Windows.Application class.

As well as the members of this System.Windows.Application class contains the SlClasses property. This property assist you for scripting interface to namespaces and assemblies classes included in your Silverlight application package in the.xap file.

Now Testcomplete provide great opportunity to access static non visual objects and their public members by using SlClasses property. In addition to functional testing, this special feature allows you to perform unit/web component performance testing by using application’s internal classes and their associates.

Hope that the above mentioned features will facilitate you easily creates more powerful automated tests for your Silverlight applications.

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Source: Success with TestComplete Test Automation


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