Testing News - Feb 2nd 2011

  • Wipro launches Testing-as-a-Service portal -TaaS is a model of software testing, where a provider undertakes software testing for customers as a service on demand.Through the portal, potential customers would be able to browse, request for quotes and purchase services online Source: News 
  • Maveric Systems, an independent software testing specialist, is expanding its presence in UK and Europe of testing services for Metro Bank Source: News
  • India's leading event for Software Testing/QA on Saturday, this time in Chennai - Software Testing Conference (SofTec 2011), a leading event for the Software Test and QA Community this time around in Chennai on Jan 29th, 2011 Source: News
  • AdaCore Releases New GNATemulator Tool for Efficient Embedded Software Testing - GNATemulator, an efficient and flexible emulator solution for testing embedded software applications. Based on the QEMU technology, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer, the new GNATemulator tool allows software developers to compile code directly for their target architecture and run it on their host platform, through an approach that translates from the target object code to native instructions on the host. Source: News


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