Create Reports Using TestNG - Testing

Creating Report.....It is easy with will create default HTML format.

The Default feature in TestNG is it will create reports need not to write any code...

Just run the Script with will automatically create a report...

First Setup the TestNg
Please go through the following link if you dont know how to set up...

Setting up Selenium RC & TestNG using Eclipse

Observe the screen shot before running the test...

Before Running the Test

Run the script --Run as -->TestNG --see the below screen shot...Report is generated.

Screen Shot after running the Test

After Running the Test

NOTE: You need to download the testng-5.14.10.jar should be in your referenced library..

Hope it will be helpful .......

Source: NagaRaju Dasam


  1. Hi,

    Two key features added to the testNG with including the ability to specify a test suite in YAML as well as XML. Both formats are more suitable for copy and paste lines, which don't involve specifying opening and closing tags. Thanks a lot.

  2. Really i am very impressed from this post.. just awesome...i haven’t any word to appreciate this post.
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