If not QTP then what?

I have seen a lot of traction towards the blog post "QTP v/s Selenium" . Like I have always said in my earlier posts that QTP has been one of my favorite tools and also one of the most explored tools.Tools like Quicktest are great but there are definitely some drawbacks with knowing just QTP and nothing else.
I believe going forward just knowing tools like QTP would not help... We would need tools that :
  1. Can fit into a fast paced agile project 
  2. Are low on cost 
  3. Are low on maintainance.
  4. Are not just GUI based and at-least get to a level below the presentation layer.
  5. Allow choice of scripting languages
  6. Allow Continuous Integration
Open-source has contributed a great deal to such kinda tools ... so here is a quick list of tools that answer if not QTP then what? in no specific order:
  • Selenium / Tellurium
  • Watir / WatiN
  • Sahi 
  • FitNesse
  • Canoo
  • Cucumber
  • Rspec
  • AutoIt / iMacros
  • White for .Net
  • Marathon/JWebUnit for Java
  • Frankenstein for Swing apps
There are many more tools but these are some of them that seem to be popular with the masses and have a good support.


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