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I have had a lot of friends and testing aspirants asking me , what is it that i should know in QTP to start a career in automation . I shall have a series of posts that will give you an idea of what are the things you need to learn if you want to test a specific technology : e.g : .Net , Java, WebServices etc...
I shall start with the simplest one and my favorite QTP:
  1. Basics of using QTP- use the tutorial and refernce guide for this
  2. Web App testing ( Use the sample HP app for this)
  3. Windows App testing ( Use the sample HP app for this)
  4. VB scripting (from a quicktest point of view)
  5. Advanced concepts in QTP.
  6. Other Advanced concepts like COM objects, Quick test object model 
  7. Make your own DLL’s, work with WSC, and QTP Reserved Objects and Registry changes
  8. Synchronizing  QTP with external applications. 
Hope this helps all those who wanna learn QTP and get into automation.


  1. Nikhil11/3/11

    Nice post i have started following your blog.

  2. Nice Tips. Thanks for those.
    Arvi, QTP Help

  3. Thnx Arvi! You got a good blog as well, do share your findings...

    Best Regards,
    Aditya Kalra

  4. Venkat10/6/11

    This information is helpful to get knowledge on QTP. nice Blog. thanks for posting QTP information.


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