Code to copy a test set from one folder to another in Quality Center

I am sharing this info as I had to do quite a research before i found the solution.

Problem:  Copy a test set from one folder to another in Quality Center test lab using code.

First things first: This cannot be coded in vbscript or QTP as it uses the ISupportCopyPaste interface and the CopyToClipboard method which is part of this interface. Therefore you cannot declare a statement like Dim iscp As ISupportCopyPaste

A simpler way would be to use vba and do the following:

1. Add the following code in excel vba editor.
2. Add the "OTA COM Type Library" as a reference under tools -> references from excel.
3. Run and enjoy the magic :-)


Public Function CopyPasteTestSetFolder(sourceFolderPath, destFolderPath)
     strServer = "http://xyz/qcbin"
     strDomain = ""
     strProject = ""
     strUser = ""
     strPassword = ""
     Set objTDConnection = CreateObject("tdapiole80.TDCONNECTION")
     objTDConnection.InitConnection strServer, strDomain
     objTDConnection.ConnectProject strProject, strUser, strPassword
     Set objTreeManager = objTDConnection.TestSetTreeManager
     Set sourceFolder = objTreeManager.NodeByPath(sourceFolderPath)
     Set destFolder = objTreeManager.NodeByPath(destFolderPath)
     Dim iscp As ISupportCopyPaste
     Set iscp = sourceFolder

     clipboard = iscp.CopyToClipBoard(sourceFolder.NodeID, 0, sourceFolderPath)

     Set iscp = destFolder
     iscp.PasteFromClipBoard clipboard, destFolder.NodeID, 0, -1

     Set treeMng = Nothing
     Set sourceFolder = Nothing
     Set destFolder = Nothing
     Set iscp = Nothing
End Function

Happy Testing!


  1. hi,

    Looking for a aladdin.jar file. Please help in providing this jar to work with oracle forms 11g tabbed items

  2. Anonymous25/9/12

    Excellent! Thank you so much for the info!!!

  3. Glad that helped!

    Best Regards,
    "Quality cannot be sprinkled onto an application right before it gets exposed to your clients"
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  4. Hi Aditya,

    Thanks for your code. But is there any way that we can achieve this through QTP..?

    Suman CH

  5. Anonymous3/4/13

    Hi Aditya,
    On the same note , can we add scripts from test plan to a Test set under test lab of QC V 10 , using VBA code ?


  6. Hi AD,

    I am sure thats very much possible using OTA, will have to dig a little to see if i have some reusable code.
    Let me know if you need help.

    Best Regards,


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