QTP 11.0 - Patches till April 2011

Here are a set of patches that might help wrt  QTP 11.0:

  • QTP 11 support for 64-Bit applications.
  • The 64-Bit technologies that are currently supported:
  • Recovery scenarios did not work in BPT wrapper tests.
  • Run-time errors were displayed if you ran a business component that contained a QCUtil.CurrentTest.Name step.
  • Function libraries that were created from an
  • QuickTest crashed or an OS blue screen appeared when using a User-Defined / Non-HLLAPI emulator on Windows 7 with Office 2007/2010 installed.
  • Testing applications in Internet Explorer when Internet
  • Explorer is in protected mode.
  • Support for Oracle Forms 11g.Enhanced support for OracleTable objects.
  • This patch adds support for testing PowerBuilder 12 applications
  • This patch adds support for testing SAP CRM 7 (a.k.a. ICWC 7, Interaction Center Web Client 7)
  • This patch installs an updated version of the .NET Add-in, providing testing support for Silverlight 2, 3 and 4.
  • This patch provides official support for testing Web applications in Firefox 3.6


This hotfix fixes the following problems:

1. QuickTest Professional sometimes caused .Net 4 WPF applications with multiple AppDomains to crash.

2. QuickTest Professional sometimes caused an error message to be displayed by the application when

spying on a specific WPF combo box.


1. This hotfix enables a custom server to instruct QuickTest Professional  to assign a logical name to a test object by implementing a 'logical_name' property defined in its CustomPropInterface.

2. This hotfix enables a custom server to define run methods that include optional parameters by tagging the parameters with the [Optional] attribute. To do this, the argument element's IsMandatory attribute needs to be set to 'false' in the test object configuration file.
3. Prior to this hotfix, QuickTest would sometimes ignore the return value of a custom server's IsKnownPartOf method when applied to a combo box child.

4. Prior to this hotfix, QuickTest would sometimes load into the application all the assemblies in the folder containing the custom server dll.


  1. Hi Aditya, any idea where i can download QTPNET_00062 ????

    Tried searching on HP + google, but no luck :(

  2. Hi Shashank,
    That patch has become obsolete as the new patch “QTPNET_00073” has replaced the same.

  3. ahh,. thanks buddy :)

  4. Anonymous27/2/12

    where to find "QTPNET_00082" "QTPNET_00096" "QTPNET_00099" patches??

  5. Register and search for the patch here:

  6. Anonymous27/2/12

    i have registered. but where to search for patch? i didn't find any search bar there? can you please help me here....

  7. Anonymous27/2/12

    thanks... but i could not find the above mentioned patches there. i think this patches are not officially released. do u know how to get this above mentioned patches?

  8. sunil6/3/12

    Thanks A Lot Aditya!Oracle Patch for enhanced support for oracle table.

  9. Hi,

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