Website's underlying technology for automation

Like most testers, you probably automate a certain number of websites.. Ever wonder how those websites work? What technologies does that website or blog use? What is the underlying software that the website runs on?

These are all good questions before starting automation on a website and not always easily determined by just viewing a website.

Sitonomy is a cool web service that you can use to get information about a website, such as what technology is used to run the website, what advertising the site uses, the programming language for the website, what kind of server it is running on, and lots more.


  1. Some nice tools for querying site details (no doubt there are many more):

    Firefox addons:

    •Wappalyzer - CMS, frameworks/libraries, e-commerce, message boards etc.
    •Domain Details - IP, country and webserver details
    •Library Detector - Javascript libraries in use

    •WTFramework - shows Javascript framework in use

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  4. Shreejit28/5/15

    Adi, also have come to the conclusion that programming a bit in the development language atleast the basics helps us better understand the nuances of how the website works, gives us more clout when interacting with developers as well. So for any application i try to understand the dev aspects and then focus on the automation part


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