Agile Adoption wrt Automation

  • The practice of Refactoring code changes the structure (i.e., the design) of the code while maintaining its behavior
  • Costs are reduced because continuous refactoring keeps the design from degrading over time, ensuring that the code is easy to understand, maintain, and change.
Automated Acceptance Tests
  • Automated acceptance tests are tests written at the beginning of the iteration that answer the question: “what will this requirement look like when it is done?”. This means that you start with failing tests at the beginning of each iteration and a requirement is only done when that test passes.
  • This practice builds a regression suite of tests in an incremental manner and catches errors, miscommunications, and ambiguities very early on. This, in turn, reduces the amount of work that is thrown away and therefore enables building less. The tests also catch bugs and act as a safety-net during change.
Best Practices
  • More up front position of the test team
    • Realistic time for test design
    • More visibility in ‘chain’ (design-develop-test-pilot)
  • Simple test designs
  • Early test execution
  •  If Nothing to test
    • Testable items arrived near the end of the iteration
    • Shorten feedback loop
  • Raise priority / allocate more time for tool support
Providing Test Interfaces
  • Developers are responsible for providing the fixtures that automate coaching tests
  • Testers work with developers to understand the system and to provide feedback
  • Tiny little unit tests
Continous Integration in an Agile Project
  • Automate the build and processes around it
  • Test on lacal builds befor checking in code
  • Prioritize tests that should be automated
  • Leverage on Open souce tools like - TestNG , Selenium IDE/RC, SoapUI, Jmeter, BadBoy, Fitnesse etc..
  • Add an automation iteration into the release.
  • A feature is not done till it works and there is an automated test to validate that completion.
  • Create a position of an automation architect, someone who is responsible for the overall automation framework.
Happy Testing!


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