AutoIt Scripting Language and SDK - Part One

Definition – What is AutoIt ?

  •  AutoIt is a freeware automation language for Microsoft Windows. In its earliest release, the software was primarily intended to create automation scripts (sometimes called macros) for Microsoft Windows programs but has since grown to include enhancements in both programming language design and overall functionality.
  • AutoIt is a language made for automating the functionalities under Microsoft windows to automate repetitive tasks. E.g. Installation/Un-installation of software, monitoring and triggering batch jobs and tasks, and repetitive test case executions.
  •  Developer(s) : Jonathan Bennett & AutoIt Team
  • Stable release : / December 24th, 2008
  • lPreview release : / June 14th, 2009
  • Operating system : Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista (however, support for operating systems older than Windows 2000 was discontinued with the release of v3.3.0)
  • Type : GUI Scripting language Automation
  • License : Freeware
  • Website :
Understanding - Tool
  • The AutoIt tool package can be executable or non-executable(.zip).
  • The package mostly contains 3 component –
    • AutoIt3.exe – The compiler
    • Au3Info.exe – The free object spy[ similar to QTP object spy]
    • Aut2exe.exe – Script to executable converter
  • All 3 of them have 64 bit version for 64 bit systems.
  • The package also contains –
    • Exe2Aut.exe – The De-compiler
    • sqlite3.exe – Free SQL database support
    • AutoItV2toV3.exe – Converter for old AutoIt v2 scripts.
    • AutoIt3Help.exe – A unified help file containing standard AutoIt help and user defined function library help.
  • AutoItX – AutoItX is a DLL version of AutoIt v3 that provides a subset of the features of AutoIt via an ActiveX/COM and DLL interface.
  • Works with VB, VBScript, Delphi, C, C++, Kixtart, and most other languages that support the use of DLLs.
  • Examples – A folder containing examples.
  • Include – A folder contains pre-written functions for use in your AutoIt scripts.


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