Fitnesse from Command line

In continuation to my previous post "Integrating QC with Fitnesse"
Here are the commandline options for running Fitnesse:

  1. All tests run in a single process unlike the web server test executions.
  2. It's easily debuggable.
  3. It removes the need to start a local FitNesse server to run tests.
  4. Can generate HTML output to a file
  5. Can generate XML output to a file
Sample Command:
java -jar fitnesse.jar -p "&strPort&" -c "&strFITTestScriptName&" > "&strExpectedResultsPath

Command line options:
  1. -debug
    This option will print FitNesse protocol actions to the console.
  2. -v
    This option should give a verbose output about test progress to the console
  3. -results file
    The result of the testrun is saved to a textfile with the given name.
  4. -html file
    The result of the testrun is saved to a html file with the given name.
  5. -xml file
    The result of the testrun is saved to a xml file with the given name.
  6. -nopath
    This option will make FitNesse ignore !path options specified in the wiki pages.
  7. -suiteFilter filter
    Specifying a filter will only run pages with tags matching the filter.


  1. The sample command does not, it gives me a usage message, something is therefore missing ...C:\Selenium>java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar -p "&strPort&" -c "&strFITTestScriptName&"
    Usage: java -jar fitnesse.jar [-vpdrlfeoaicb]
    -p {80}
    -d {.}
    -r {FitNesseRoot}
    -l {no logging}
    -f {}
    -e {14} Number of days before page versions expire
    -o omit updates
    -a {user:pwd | user-file-name} enable authentication.
    -i Install only, then quit.
    -c execute single command.
    -b redirect command output.
    -v {off} Verbose logging



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