Here is what the experts had to say - TSG-QTP ( QTP book )

After a long struggle to get the copyright from HP , the ISBN number from Delhi, prominent QTP experts to review and finally a publisher , I am happy to let you know that my book is out and quite a few copies are sold. Below is a snapshot of the mail I send to prospective testers, would be great if you could forward the same to people you know. Thanks in advance.

Okay, so all of you who said you'd wait for the paperback of my new book “Technology Specific guide for QTP”, now comes the time. Please visit the website to read the reviews and newsletter.

This book will get you started on the path of automation, introducing solutions, roadblocks, patches and ideas that will help give you a solid foundation in the field of automation. Each problem has a series of solutions available that will let you test your knowledge and apply it to the business situations you’re facing at your company. Everyone from a novice user to an automation expert will have something they would have never heard of or used.

Here is what the experts had to say :

A no-nonsense, well-written and well- organized book on QTP and targeted technologies. A must read book for QTP users.

- Sivasankar Jayagopal
Senior QA Manager, Adobe Systems.

A one of its kind when it comes to looking at different technologies that the tool supports. It uses a careful, example-based, easy to understand approach.

- Shalaka Dani
Program Director, MindTree Limited.


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