Automation testing in a changing environment (Requirements) ?

With the requirements changing at a rapid pace what are the best possible solutions to how you perceive testing or automation:

  1. Use of Rapid prototyping
  2. Prioritize and analyze the risks
  3. There has to be a requirements traceabilty of some kind that will showcase affected areas
  4. Automate the smoke test bed - break it down into small business components
  5. Automate smaller Happy paths that do the basic sanity check on functionalities
  6. Use automated TDD or BDD as early as possible
  7. Use a set of tools that help you automate or do smaller tasks faster and more accurate
  8. Static object identification till a certain path and from there on we try finding other objects, this makes the code reusable and a lot more easy to change
A very nice quote which says - "Any tool you use to help you test is "automation" and the more complex scripting environments are simply extensions of that capability"


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