QTP 11 and QTP 12 what's new ?



Please note the below support deadlines for QTP11 and Quality center11.

You can find more details on below link,


HP Software Released Notification Support ends

QTP 12

Below is the list of new features will be released with QTP12.

a) New improved IDE with IntelliSense technology for classes.

b) Multiple Document Interface (MDI) features for opening multiple tests within QTP.

c) Integration of BPT as well as Service Test into QTP (giving rise to the name, UFT).

d) Insight — an innovative, new image-recognition feature for carrying out image-based automation.

e) New canvas for designing test flow.

The main highlight is that use of ‘Intellisense’ will reduce the reference of external documentation while development which will speed up test development. An ‘Intellisense’ combination with QTP will help to select the parameters and functions from the list or from the dropdown of that specific code.


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