Selenium IDE + Datadriven + Agile

Selenium IDE though is not a good option for full fledged test automation , yet this tool proves good when it comes to automation within agile sprints

This post explains how to use selenium IDE with test data for data driven testing:

  1. Save the first extension : flowcontrol extension for IDE
  2. Download the extension 1.1 version of the includeCommand4IDE
  3. Download the  most recent version of the datadriven.js extension
  4. Add all the three extensions using Selenium Core extensions field from Options ->Options->General) in the same order.
  5. Restart firefox so that the extensions get installed and are ready to be used.
  6. Create your test data in xml format

The above sample data has three rows of test data with var1 and var2 as the two variables, make sure you open the xml in a browser to see that there are no errors 
You are ready to use the test data and a simple test case would look like this:

loadTestData   file:///C:\testdata.xml
while                 !testdata.EOF()
verifyTitle         ${title}

Happy Testing with Selenium IDE


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