Testing Best quotes ever !

I am sure most of us would have heard and used testing quotes in our signatures, here are a few that i randomly picked :

"I don't break anything, they're already broken"

Testing, turning Stressed into Impressed since 1971

I came, I saw, I broke it

I'm OK, you're OK. Your code I'm not so sure about

To err is human; to find the errors requires a tester

'Tried, trialled and tested'

Testing, because your software is worth it!

If your software works, thank a tester

Have you hugged your software tester today?

I Failed My Way To Success

The customer is always right. Testing make sure they are always alright

'A Tester Is Someone Who After Finding a bug after 5 minutes brags about how he is responsible for the success of the project'

 we're tough on the code but soft on the coders

Those are the bugs, if you don't like them...I have others.

Improving the world one bug at a time

In God we trust, rest we test!

The best one - "Does your mother know what kind of code you write?"


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