Cucumber CheatSheet

After all the cheatsheets for QTP,  selemium, webdriver regular expressions, agile. Here is Cucumber:

Best cheatsheet is defnly:

cucumber --help

Output formats


Notification formats, in increasing order of verbosity:

cucumber --format progress

cucumber --format stepdefs

cucumber --format html

cucumber --format pdf

--format rerun would be helpful, as it enables automatically re-running failing tests. However that is broken (but they're working on it) in Cucumber 0.5.1 as of Dec 21 2009.

--format junit would also be useful: it produces an XML report format like JUnit's. That report can be consumed by CruiseControl and numerous other tools. But that format also appears (I only checked on 1 machine so far) broken as of 12/22/2009.


In order of usefulness.

cucumber --format usage --dry-run

cucumber --format tag_cloud

cucumber --format usage

cucumber --format debug

Note that usage performs profiling when invoked without --dry-run.


Most deps are installed automatically. But some must be manually installed:

gem install prawn

Prawn is needed for PDF output.

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