dynaTrace Ajax + QTP/Selenium = More than automation

Ever wondered apart from the plain raw automated scripts what MORE could we achieve which will help the business achieve MORE with the same cost.
Performance is what we are looking for with the same old GUI automation!

  • GUI Automation + Performance = Value Added Automation
  • GUI Automation + Performance =
    • Selenium + dynaTrace Ajax
    • QTP + dynaTrace Ajax
    • Any automation tool + dynaTrace Ajax
      • Request Start Time Business Event Time
      • DNS/Network Time
      • OnLoad Time Latency
      • Rendering Time
      • JS Execution Time
      • Resource Download Time
Problem areas when it comes to testing web 2.0 applications:
  1. JavaScript
  2. XmlHttpRequests
  3. DOM Manipulations
  4. Frameworks
  5. Layouting
  6. Rendering.
dynaTrace AJAX Edition has been built to address all these issues to help understand what is causing performance- and functional-related problems in modern AJAX Applications.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to dynaTrace Ajax Edition:


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