Countries where testers are in demand !

Have you ever wondered:

Which are the countries where testing as a career is prevalent?
Where do we have automation / manual testing jobs?
In which part of the world are the most job opportunities?
Here is some information that might help; the information below is only for your reference.
Ordered in the number of openings in a country (as of January 2013)
From highest to lowest:
  1. Testers in India - Manual and Automation 60:40
  2. Testers in USA - Manual and Automation 30:70
  3. Testers in Australia - Manual and Automation 20:80
  4. Testers in UK- Manual and Automation 40:60
  5. Testers in Dubai - Manual and Automation 50:50
  6. Testers in China - Manual and Automation 60:40
  7. Testers in Singapore - Manual and Automation 40:60
  8. Testers in Malaysia - Manual and Automation 40:60
  9. Testers in South Africa - Manual and Automation 30:70
  10. Testers in Canada – Mostly Automation 10:90
  11. Testers in Kuwait – Scarcity of both 50:50
Will soon have information on what is the average salary of a tester or QA professionals in these countries, until then Happy Testing!


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