Merge Object Repository the Business Process Testing(BPT) way!

To update a shared object repository from a local object repository of a BPT Component:

Select Resources > Object Repository Manager. The Object Repository Manager opens.

In the Object Repository Manager, select File > Open or click the Open button . The Open Shared Object Repository dialog box opens.

In the sidebar, select the location of the object repository file, for example, File System or Quality Center Resources.

Browse to and select the .tsr file that contains the shared object repository you want to update, clear the Open in read-only mode check box, and click Open. The file opens with the objects and properties displayed in editable format.

Select Tools > Update from Local Repository. The Update from Local Repository dialog box opens.

Make sure you are connected to your Quality Center project. Click the down arrow next to the Add Tests button , and select Browse for Component. The Open QuickTest Component from Quality Center Project dialog box opens.

Browse to the component whose local object repository you want to merge into the shared object repository.

Click Update All. QuickTest automatically merges the first component local object repository into the shared object repository according to the configured settings, and displays the results in the Statistics dialog box on top of the Object Repository Merge Tool window.

Happy automating!


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