Testers need to adapt with CHANGE!

These are a list of few trends that have changed the way a tester is perceived:
If you are a tester and you are reading this article "you better adapt or become extinct!"

Tester needs to Code

Change: Last year saw a change and this was that every tester was required to atleast know a little bit of code.
Reason: Test Automation and Agile practices like TDD
Experts Talk: "If testers without programming skills are going to survive, they will need to articulate their value to a new, skeptical generation of managers" said Matthew Heusser

Tester plays the role of a Business Analyst

Change: Testers need to know the business from a user's perspective
Reason: Versatile role and Agile practices
Experts Talk: The tester's role is about helping business people figure out the right things to deliver, said Lisa Crispin. "The truth is that business stakeholders may be wrong about what features [an application needs]." Testers must take a leadership role in figuring that out, she said.

Opensource and Vendor toolkit

Change: Tester's need to know both opensource and vendor tools with vast variety of tools in the market
Reason: Tools like Selenium and QTP both being market leaders in their respective areas
Experts Talk: All of the tools have hidden costs, however, the major vendor provided tools have more up-front costs.In the perfect world vendor provided solutions should be made available cheaper. - Elfriede Dustin

List of tools to do things faster

Change: Every tester needs to have a few tools that makes his work smarter
Reason: Fast paced build on build testing
Experts Talk: You will find umpteen number of tools to make testing faster and smarter. The best example is using mindmaps instead of manual test cases - Aditya Kalra :)



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