GWT and QTP - automation!

  • You will need “Add-in Extensibility and Web 2.0 Toolkits” installed along with QTP
    • This will bring in a specific add-in for GWT under web

  • If you are still using QTP 10 then there is a patch that you will need to install for GWT
    • The patches are:
    • Web 2.0 Feature Pack with PreReqs: ... t/KM771788
    • Web 2.0 Feature Pack without PreReqs: ... t/KM771785
    • Please reconfirm the patches from HP site.
  • By default GWT doesn’t generate the useful web object properties, like “html id” or “name” for object recognition mechanism of GUI test tools
    • It is highly recommended to work with development team to get a unique static values assigned to every web object
  • The objects usually are not unique and are dynamic , Since GWT automation does not support XPaths use HTML DOM.
  • QTP sees all the objects in CSS-based applications, even if objects are hidden
    • To verify that part of HTML page is visible use “Style.display” property
    • If .WebTable().Object.Style.Display = “block” ‘visible
    • if .WebTable().Object.Style.Display = “none” ‘not visible
  • Setting.WebPackage("ReplayType") 
    • use of this technique to get tooltips from GWT objects
  • Right clicks aren’t easy and you will need to execute JavaScript wrappers for this.
  • The last thing would be use as much descriptive programming as possible. Makes life easier!


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