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Mostly my posts are technical but off-late I have had a lot of people either fresh grads out of college or experienced developers wanting to move into testing asking me one common question. What is the scope of a career in testing/automation.

My answer:

Software testing is an amazing profession that offers a rewarding and structured career path with clearly defined roles and qualifications. Why?
  1. There is scope for improving the way testing is done in most companies.
  2. More opensource community and many mature testing tools
  3. Every company allocates and adequate amount for testing.
  4. Plenty of jobs and least affected by recession/lay offs.
  5. Salaries are in-par with developers and if you are good its always more than the dev community.
  6. The best part being we are technology independent folks , we fit into any bucket irrespective of our specialization - Manual(Functional)/Automation/Performance/Security.
Roles generally in testing:

Technical Track

Software Test Engineer Tests and critiques software to assure quality and identify potential improvement opportunities and projects.
Software Design Engineer in Test(SDET)Tests and critiques software components and interfaces in more technical depth, writes test programs to assure quality, and develops test tools to increase effectiveness.
Software Test ArchitectIdentifies test design and implementation improvements, runs pilot projects to measure their impact, and drives adoption across various Microsoft product development teams.

Managerial Track

Software Test Lead
Directs and leads a team of test engineers and is responsible for the quality of certain product areas and components.
Software Test Manager
Oversees product testing within a product unit, designs master test plans and schedules, and manages test organization via test leads.
Director, Quality Assurance
Runs the QA organization.

Finally there is lot of knowledge, jobs, smart engineers and good salaries in this field. Do you need any other reason to choose testing as your career?


  1. Wow, this is pretty good post for me because I really want to become a good software testing in a future. This post can boost me to achieve my goal quickly.


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